Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Yesterday's Photoshoot and Recipe for Worst Night's Sleep

Yesterday I went to visit my family at their camper 20 minutes away.  I hadn't been able to visit them earlier in the week and so I wanted to visit them and I thought maybe I could have my sister do a little modeling for me.  She wasn't super thrilled to be modeling but we still got some good photos.

Hey look she does know how to smile! 

And this is what happens when you're too lazy to walk over to the table to put the ones you've already modeled over there!  HAHAHA I just started attaching them to my dress.  Yay fun times.  There will hopefully be more products added soon, just as soon as this cold goes away!

I was hoping to take more pictures of products today but when I came home yesterday my face started melting (not a good sign).  Apparently, my husband, the sweetheart that he is, decided to share his cold with me.  By 4 o'clock, my eyes were watering, then the sneezing began and the runny nose.

Last night, I slept terribly.  So did my poor husband because of me.  The cycle went something like this: nose is stuffed up so I breathe out of my mouth, wake up and my throat's sore so I drink lots of water, go back to sleep for a bit again breathing out of my mouth, wake up to drink water/blow my nose, realize I have to go to the bathroom, struggle to fall asleep again, and repeat at least three times.

Today, I knew I had a free breakfast sandwich thanks to Chick-Fil-A so I got up and got showered and even  dried my hair, not because I wanted to look cute, not because my husband likes my hair better straight, but because I'm sick and it's pretty chilly outside.  HAHA How's that for motivation?  Then we went to the store and got TP and tissues and some other necessities.  I came home and crafted for a bit, but I think for now I'll take a break.  Just too tired/sick to do much.

I told Aaron I'd have dinner ready for when he gets back from tutoring.  Any good suggestions of casseroles containing chicken and rice that would be easy to make??? We have some rice we need to use up and my some I mean my husband made way more than we could eat with stir-fry recently.

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  1. haha LOVE the pic where you attached them all to the dress hehe!!

  2. I hope your cold goes away soon! No sleep is no good. Salsa chicken casserole is yummy, but I don't know if you like salsa or not...


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