Saturday, August 27, 2011

Recent Items and some new things I'll be working on

Hello there!!! I know that I posted some photos of our fun little photoshoot but I realized I forgot to post pictures of some of the new items that I really like.

I made this headband to wear to a friend's wedding and got so many compliments thought that I would add it to the shop.  It is one of a kind though.  I have more of the Galloon (I learned it's name finally: stretch lace) to make more headbands.  I am thinking about adding Galloon headbands to the shop soon as an option for purchase to turn any of the clips into headbands.

I just love this piece.  It's so pretty and elegant to me.  I love the colors together.  I have an old semi-formal dress that is pink that I've been trying to sell at yard sales (I only paid $15 for the dress), but it hasn't sold.  I think I'm going to turn it into some more hair pieces like this.  The blossom can also be worn as a pin.  Pizzazz!

Love this pretty white blossom.  It can also be worn as a hair clip or once I get the lace headbands up in the shop can be added to a headband! :) 

I know this isn't a new item, but I didn't realize until the day we did our photo shoot that you can wear this necklace as a headband too!  How fun is that to have a dual purpose piece in your inventory.  LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

So those are some of the recent items in the shop.  Here are some of my new ideas:
  1. Set of 4 Steelers seat cushions (made from upcycled tees) 

    1. turning this into a custom item in my shop made from others' old tees

  2. Making make-up bags from upcycled tees (also to be a custom order option)

  3. Adding more lace headbands, as well as knit headbands to the shop.

  4. Adding more rosette statement pieces made from upcycled fabric (got free left over fabric from a friend).

I think that is all for now if you have more ideas let me know!!! Happy Crafty Saturday everyone!

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Away for too long

Hi there!  Do you still remember me??? I've been away from this blog for far too long.  Unfortunately I'm finding it very difficult to blog at all let alone do both of the blogs that I have.  Life just gets a bit crazy sometimes. (ok, it's true, almost always).  Like today, after I get done with this and hopefully get some food in my belly so I'm not sick, I will be making a peach pie, possibly some homemade bread, and heading to a friends to go swimming with her and her kids.  Busy.  Just busy.

Another reason we've been so busy is that I've added a TON of new items to the shop.  Like doubled my inventory.  Have you seen the new items??? Well you should go take a look here.  Let me know what you think.  There are so many new items.  Here are some of my favorites!

The Ashley Headband

The Ilene Blossom

The Totally Me Blossom

My friends, Sky and Melanie, helped me out last week by taking the time to do a photoshoot with me.  I took all the items I had made to Sky's house and we had a little photoshoot/dress-up session in the back yard.  We had a ton of fun being together and being goofy and trying to make Toaster's Transformations better but having better photographs. 

Here are some of my favorite behind the scenes shots from the day.
 Showing Lanie how to work my camera.

Sky is just too cute!!! 

 Look Karen, I get different angles too :). 

 Yes, I make goofy faces.  That's why this picture is not up in the shop :).

 More behind the scenes action!

I love it!  So fun! 

 What a cutie!

Yup, too dark, but way fun to have pictures of the behind the scenes happenings.

So that's what's been happening in my neck of the woods.  How about you??? If you looked at the shop do you have a favorite item?

Friday, August 12, 2011

Our 14 hour day

Aaron had an interview on Wednesday in Mechanicsburg, PA.  For us, that's 5.5 hours from home.  I was so worried about the trip when I woke up that morning, was making my breakfast (just toast, nothing fancy) and got sick.  I hadn't even eaten yet.  That made me so nervous because, as you know, I've been battling morning sickness throughout my pregnancy.  Despite that fact, we packed a cooler with ice, water, strawberries, cheese, and the homemade applesauce.  Then we had another bag with dried fruit, trail mixes, almonds, and Wafernusse (you should purchase some at Aldi, like STAT, if you've never had it).  We set off and I decided I would start the driving since after being sick I started to feel a bit better.  After about an hour I knew belly needed food, so I ate some saltines in the car.  Then I was well enough to try some trail mix.  Oh my goodness, thank you Aldi for White Mountain Trail Mix.  It was just what this girl needed.  It had pineapple, cranberries, white chocolate chips, and peanuts.  I think that was it.  It was just what I needed though.  We made it almost 3.5 hours before I had to stop and go to the bathroom.

Just to give you an idea of our route, here is a map of it! So the map makes it look like a much shorter journey than it was but trust me, it was long. :D

However, there is no one else I would prefer to take a road trip with than my wonderful husband.  He is the absolute best road trip partner in the world.  We can enjoy talking to each other, making each other laugh, listening/singing along with music, and just enjoying the quiet together.  Once we arrived in Mechanicsburg, we found the school then went back to a store so Aaron could change for his interview.  Then back to the school we went.  We were about an hour early, but that was ok with us, because we needed to allot time in the event we got lost, had more potty breaks, ran into construction, etc.  I was going to wait out in the car, snack, read, play electronic yahtzee, etc, while Aaron was in there, but the kind secretaries invited me inside to sit in the A/C.

While we were waiting, I was reading, Rewriting America's History by Catherine Millard.  Man, that is a good book.  Aaron and I have been on this kick of trying to really study true history.  We've been watching the American Heritage Series by David Barton and we're both reading this book.  It's amazing how interesting History can be when you're actually learning about the people who helped create history and how much they were impacted by their relationship with Christ.  I DID NOT like history very much growing up.  My roommate Sally can vouch for that.  In like 2 days, I've read 100 pages of the book.  For me, that's fantastic, (trust me).  So yeah, I'm learning more about history and it's fantastic! :)

Aaron came out of his interview very excited.  He felt like the interview went very well.  For that we are very thankful.  Then we decided to drive around for a little while and get a feel of the town.  We were looking around to hopefully see apartments but apparently the road we took was the equivalency of Peach St in Erie so it was full of restaurants, shopping, and 18 GAZILLION car dealerships.  It was just ridiculous.  Aaron and I were very excited to see a Ross Dress for Less, Wegman's, Chick-Fil-A, and Ollie's Bargain Outlet, some of our favorite stores in Erie.   We decided to stop looking around and went to Chick-Fil-A for dinner! That made a happy tummy for me.  Aaron was also happy because since I've been pregnant I've had trouble finishing a full meal, so he gets all the left overs.  

On the way back, Aaron drove, which was a nice break for me :).  I took out a notepad and wrote down all the things I could remember from the trip so that I could make a blog post!  Nerdy, maybe, but I really enjoyed writing things down.  Here are some of the random things I wrote down:

1. Goats For Sale on PA-34 made me think of my friend, Sky, as she loves goats.
2. "You can't laugh at me, that was my serious goat voice." - My husband.  I don't remember what it was in regards to but it was hilarious.
3. Jars of Clay, Redemption Songs and Caedmon's Calls, Chronicles are our 2 favorite CDs to listen to when driving I've decided. 
4. Cool days make pleasant road trips.  (It only reached the mid 70s that day :D). 
5. Construction on bridges scares me.
6. Apparently Electric Avenue is located off of US322. 
7. There's a random ferris wheel off of US322 near Reedsville.
8. I need to add some more artists to my pandora station.
9. If you want your husband to stop singing 1,000 bottles of beer on the wall, put on Caedmon's Call, Chronicles.  Works like a charm.
10.  I need to write a blog post on the song "Thankful" by Caedmon's Call sometime.  One of my favorite songs ever. 
11. There are a TON of semis on I-80.  Aaron said, "Cars are just hitchhikers on the backs of those beasts." and "Right lane semis, left lane cars."

Then around 10:30 pm.  We arrived back home.  HUZZAH!!! 

Please be praying that God would just have His Will done in our lives.  

What do you do to cure the road trip blues?  What are some of your favorite road trip snacks?  Do you stop for meals or pack your own?

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Another One Bites the Dust

Ok so since Aaron and I have been dating, (4 years since we've started dating), I've run out of fingers and toes to count the number of weddings we've been to/been invited to even if we couldn't attend.  This past Saturday, two more friends from college got married.  It was a beautiful ceremony, Pastor Sam L (I'm not even going to try to spell his last name), gave a great message about leaving, cleaving, and weaving.  It was fantastic.  Ashley, the bride looked so beautiful! It was a small intimate wedding of about 90 people, and it was a InterVarsity reunion of sorts.  There are many of us spread out over the country so it was nice to see some people we don't get to visit often.  But what's a wedding without pictures right? So here are some pictures of the beautiful day.

 Saying their vows.
 My hubby and I 
 Sally and Justin (and bubbles by Brandon)
 First Dance
 Ashley and her Dad
 Brad and his Mom
 The Bridal Party
 What my camera has been doing lately, it shakes and won't stop thus preventing good pictures. 
 The photo above and many below are what happen when you give Andrew and Brandon  your cameras and ask them to take a picture. 

 Huzzah!  We finally got the picture of me, Molly, and Sky!!!!
 Apparently I forgot to rotate the picture but husband and his best friend, Brandon.
 Yep, chances of getting a picture of them serious together occurred only at our wedding :)
 Again we asked Brandon to take a photo of us.  Um, yeah, . . .
 told us to be goofy
 Then I blinked 
Although washed out it's the best one we got.  Hopefully someone else got a better one :).

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Roommate Reunion

My college roommates and I try to meet up several times a year since we live relatively close to one another.  We try to make sure we see each other for birthdays.  Before Christmas we go shopping at the Grove City Prime Outlets.  And for three years running, we've done a getaway during the summer so that we can spend some time with just the girls.  It's been such a great tradition that I hope we can keep up with throughout the years!

Sally's in-laws have a cottage about an hour from where we live on another lake, so last Wednesday morning the 4 of us met at Sally's house to head out to the cottage.  We stopped and got some groceries so we could make lunch and then sat around and chatted for a bit.  After a while, baby insisted that he/she have food so we started making some Mac and Cheese for lunch.  We played Catch Phrase while we waited.  This is a fairly common practice for us, we played a lot of times before baptisms at church between the morning and baptismal services.  Then we had the fun of picking out some movies to watch later that evening.

 Then we realized we didn't have a DVD player there.  We decided we'd pass the time playing catch phrase some more and talking about memories from college.  Do those ever get old??? Probably not.

 Wednesday night we had dinner at Applebees and then went to pick up the DVD.  We watched Jane Austen's Persuasion (which was awesome) and You Again (not my favorite, some good parts and some really not so good parts).  We had fun.
 Liz and Meg

 Sally and I

Unfortunately, Thursday, Meg had to leave us.  She had work that afternoon.  We ate some breakfast, watched Tangled (love that movie), and then had some lunch accompanied by more Catch Phrase.  After Meg departed, the three of us remaining got on our swimsuits and headed to the beach.  Sally and I very much enjoyed the swimming while Liz enjoyed the sun (and listening to the guy playing the pinball machine FREAK OUT).  
After that we decided that we'd go to the Grove City Outlets and just browse.  All three of us came home with something though.  I bought a maternity dress that you'll see in some of the pictures during tomorrow's post.  (Although I realized I should never ask boys to take pictures.  I never get a full length picture.)  Then we headed back to the cottage, ate a small dinner and tried to eat up a decent amount of the snacks we had.  We chit chatted and then decided to watch While You Were Sleeping.  That movie is typical "Hollywood" to me in that it's so not something that would happen ever.  But it is a cute, feel good kinda movie.  Then Friday we had breakfast and headed home.  

Do you have anything you do to stay in touch with your college roommates?


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fun times with Friends

Lately, we've been spending a lot of time with our friends, Andrew and Sky, who just bought a house a few blocks from us.  We've been having so much fun visiting, going to the beach and playing Settlers of Catan.  (Shhhhh, Sky and I are kinda obsessed).

 Our lovely, gracious hosts. 

 This must have been a time he was bored. Haha

 Did I ever mention we live like 10-15 minutes from the beach??? It's pretty awesome. I know it's only the lake, but I wouldn't trade it for the world.  My only condition is that I immediately get to shower upon arrival back home.  Seaweed in my bathing suit is just not my thing. 
 This day there were 4-5 foot waves.  I got tired very quickly, like after 30 minutes and the up and down motion started to make me nauseous. 

So this hunky man and I went and sat on the blanket for a while. 

What are some of your favorite things to do with friends this summer?

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