Saturday, September 17, 2011

Lessons Learned

***EDIT*** I forgot that Karen and her adorable daughter are heading to the US tomorrow to see "Papa" so she isn't doing the link up this week.  Feel free to stop by her blog anyway!  And of course comments with what you've learned this week are always welcome! :) *End Public Service Announcement*

My friend, Karen, does an awesome weekly link up party called Lessons Learned.

I've been meaning to write a post for quite some time now and have not been very good about doing that.

1. Do your Kegal exercises. Don't even ask how I know that.

2. Little boys are different to potty train than little girls.  Our friends Sally and Justin have the sweetest little boy Aiden.  I love him to death.  Last Sunday night at church, he wanted to sit with me then, he said he had to go potty.  I thought, "sure, no problem, I've potty-trained two little girls recently should be a piece of cake." Yeah, no.  I decided to go quickly so I just pulled down his pants.  Well he's a boy, which meant that he accidentally went on his pants.  Totally NOT his fault and if I have a little boy I'll need to learn to potty train him. Haha so different than girls.  Poor little Aiden.

3. You never realize how nice it feels to be able to make meals as you do after you've been unable to make meals for a few months.  So thankful that morning sickness is over for me and there's no more just laying on the couch all day for fear of being sick.

like making bread, for tuna melts. . . YUM YUM YUM. 

4. It's super attractive when your husband flips through the baby names book and starts rattling off names.  Although agreeing on the names is a different story.

What have you learned this week???  Have you made any discoveries that you didn't realize before?

Feel free to write a post and go link up with Karen.  She's got an adorable little girl too ;).

Lessons Learned

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