Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Yesterday my friend Melanie and I went on a she-date.  We had lunch at Teresa's Deli (don't worry I had a chicken tender sub, not lunchmeat) and got our hairs cut!  Would you like to see some before and after pictures???

 This is what my hair looks like if I don't do anything to it.  I get out of the shower, brush it once and let it go. 
 yup, I have naturally wavy hair, in order to cut it better, the stylist decided to straighten it. 
 My after picture.  I loved it.  Still do, so did husband.  Unfortunately, I'm too lazy to straighten my hair.  Despite appearances, it's quite thick.  It will probably be curly more often than not. 
 still loving it.
 Melanie before
 She wanted to keep a lot of her length. 
 Look at her pretty flat-ironed hair!
Good bye split ends. Hello pretty, manageable, healthy hair!

Where do you get your hair cut?  What's your best/worst hair cut story?

Guest Posting

Today you will find me over here hosting a giveaway for Caroline while she and her husband are on their honeymoon.
Here's a picture of my husband and I enjoying our honeymoon.  Mmmmm those pina coladas were so good!

First Giveaway

Today you will find me over here hosting a giveaway for Caroline while she and her husband are on their honeymoon.
Here's a picture of my husband and I enjoying our honeymoon.  Mmmmm those pina coladas were so good!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Enjoying time

I'm sorry for the lack of posts lately. I've been enjoying time with family and friends so much lately that I haven't had a lot of time to work on my shop this week. However, my husband has set up a nice spot for me in our back room for me to craft. Isn't he the greatest???

I'm hoping that next week I will get to add some items that can be used as examples for custom orders. Pillows, pillow covers, seat cushions, etc. Keep an eye out.

And here are a few photos from our week.


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Husband!!!!

Yesterday was my husband's birthday and we had a great day.  We slept in, went to see Thor at the Dollar Theater with several of our friends, he ran some errands while I rested, then we went to our friends Sky and Andrew's house for some Settlers of Catan.

Even though yesterday was actually his birthday, we celebrated my husbands birthday with his family on Sunday because of everyone's work schedules.  We went to church in the morning and met everyone at Red Lobster for lunch.  (Did I mention I don't like seafood, however, I do love my husband.)  So we had a great time talking and laughing and eating at Red Lobster.  I had just some chicken strips and french fries (which was one of the few things I thought I could keep down).  Aaron had the Ultimate Feast and was one very happy seafood fanatic!

Here are some pictures from our fun day!

 The Mom and Dad Units
 Aaron and his sister, Courtney
 The best friend Brandon
And me with the birthday boy!

Monday, July 11, 2011

The 12 Week Bump

Well, even though I really don't feel like I have a baby bump yet, I can feel that my clothing is getting tighter more and more.  I can't believe that we are already 12 weeks along already.  At our next appointment we get to hear our baby's heartbeat.  I can't wait. We've also spent a lot of time yard saling lately for clothes for mommy and baby.  We have had some great luck getting cheap clothing and are way excited about that.  God has been looking out for us sooooooo much in allowing us to purchase items that are inexpensive.  Without further ado, here are the pictures from yesterday! 

 Can you believe there's a baby the size of a lime in there??? I can't! It's a little miracle in the making!

And that means we only have 28 weeks left in our pregnancy, that is still a long time but considering we have 12 weeks under our belts that feels like nothing! 

Thursday, July 7, 2011

New Item Thursday

I just discovered that Gina of #setupshop and Hiya Luv will be doing a linky party called New Item Thursday!

I created a few new items that I'm going to be adding to the shop shortly. I'm very excited about these new items.  

These first two mini blooms are hair clips that are a perfect accessory for your summer outfit. Both are made from recycled tees and vintage buttons! 

The next four flowers are able to be made into a hair clip, head band or pin.  If you let me know which you would like.  All of these are also made with recycled tees and vintage fabric covered buttons. 

Thanks for taking a peak at some of my new items.  I hope you will stop by my shop to look at more of the items I have to offer. StumbleUpon

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

New Items!

Today I have been working on some new items.  I hope to take pictures and put them up in the shop tomorrow. Make sure you check back tomorrow to see more!!!

There will be a few variations of this pretty one above! :) 

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