Thursday, September 15, 2011

Little Things: Of a Lost Camera

Last Friday when we visited our great friends, the Schulers, I forgot my camera there.  It made me a little sad this week because I couldn't take pictures to put up for my little things post.  However, here are some of the little things that I'm very thankful for this week.

I put in new contacts I think Sunday morning.  I absolutely LOVE new contacts.  It's so nice not to have my contacts glued to my eyeballs any more.

Praise God for Salvation Army!  Not only are they an awesome organization for the work they do to promote the Gospel, but I also love to shop there.  The greatest part is knowing that by shopping there I'm able to help others come to know Christ.  We were also able to donate our yard sale left-overs to SalVal this past week.  Its nice to have floor space again.  I bring this up because I was able to get some items there this week that will be transformed into new items for my shop :D.  We also got Where In the USA is Carmen San Diego? the board game!!! Can you talk about excited??? And for 2 bucks it's a steal.  Can't wait to play it with our friends!

I'm so excited about the cooler temperatures. That means that fall will be here soon which means many things: many birthdays (including mine), Thanksgiving and after that WINTER.
And Winter means: Christmas, New Years and BABY!!!!! 
Also at SalVal this week, I got a beautiful coral sweater that I'm planning on wearing for my date night with my husband tomorrow!  Still not sure quite what we're doing but it'll still be fun!
MMMMM fall colors! Mums! Yay! 
(Taken Fall 2009)

This week we got to visit our Aunt Sally and Uncle Jack!  We loff them!  Aaron had tutoring in their town so we made an impromptu visit.  We ended up spending most of the afternoon with Aunt Sally and got to spend a little time with Uncle Jack when he got home from work.  We played Settlers of Catan with Aunt Sally and she decided next time we play, she'll skip the wine. HAHA it made for a lot of laughter though!

This Saturday was the first time I felt baby kick.  I can't believe I'm thankful for kicks but I am.  I'd be even more thankful if I could feel them more frequently so I know baby is doing alright.  Can't believe tomorrow we'll be 22 weeks.  WOAH! Like 18 weeks to go, Scoob! (Excuse the random Shaggy impersonation). 

What were some things you were thankful for this week.  What were some of the little things that brightened up your day/week? 

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OH and I almost forgot.  I might get to meet my friend Karen this winter!!! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITING!  


  1. yayyy baby kicks are amazing, aren't they!?!?! except when they get super frequent and when they do it right when you're trying to sleep hehe. have a great weekend!!

  2. Aw, I hate forgetting my camera! Hope you get it back soon! And boy I sure do miss the seasons-- especially fall- it's my favorite by far.

    Thanks for linking up, Amanda! :)

  3. Wow, I can't even imagine how it must feel the first time you feel your sweet baby kick! What a blessing indeed! I can't wait to see more of your Fall :D

  4. friend... I'm just so excited about the prospect of seeing you this winter! :) we're totally going to make it happen!

  5. Oh how I hated forgetting my camera when there are photographic moments! I wish the weather would also be cooler here in the Philippines. It's supposed to be the rainy season but it's really hot!

    The baby kick must be really precious! 18 more months and you'll be having a new member in the family! :-)

  6. Baby kicks are certainly my favorite!!! Congrats! visiting from the linky party!

  7. Oh, I love thrusting! Mostbof my thriftingnis at savers though. I wish Hawaii would have cooler weather! We are stuck with onenseason year round :(

  8. Baby kicks are the best!!! Forgetting the camera stinks.. makes me so mad when I think I don't need it then I miss out on the best shots!!


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