Monday, September 22, 2014

So much has happened

since the last time I've blogged.  Zoe is growing by leaps and bounds and learning so much.  We moved cottages (a quick move across the street).  We also went on a wonderful family vacation to Kentucky with Grammie Wood and Uncle James.  We visited the Creation Museum, the Cincinnati Zoo, and did a tour of some of the horse farms.

I will post more about it in a future post but here are some pictures of things we did.

African Penguin at Cincinnati Zoo

Alpaca at Zoo

Daddy and Zoe on a camel ride at the Creation Museum.

Fish at the Zoo

Adam naming the animals in the Creation Museum

Zoe got to feed a giraffe at the Cincinnati Zoo.  Too COOL!

Silly goat in the petting zoo

Botanical gardens at the Creation Museum

Petting Zoo at the Creation Museum.  Zoe is fascinated by animals.

Swoon. love those eyes.

Dinosaur Den at the Creation Museum.  Zoe was delighted that there were little dinosaurs which she affectionately referred to as "baby dinosaurs." (above and below)

Waterfall at the Creation Museum botanical gardens.

Zoe enjoying the playground in the zoo.

Zoe made a best friend at our ranch named "Meow, Meow."  She came to visit us everyday.  It was just darling.  Plus an awesome incentive to get Zoe to do what I wanted her to do ;).

Zoe got to feed this Zonkey named. . . wait for it. . . ZOE! LOL

Zoe's favorite game is "Me Hiding" only she tells you where she's hiding and hides in the same place nearly every time.  It is so much fun to hear her squeal with delight though when we find her. 


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