Thursday, September 8, 2011

Truly Trashing the Dress

You know the new thing in photography called "Trash the Dress?"  You know what I mean where brides will wear their gown and purposefully get it dirty? I did that once and it was WAY fun. 
All photos used courtesy of Kat Ritenour Photography

All photos used courtesy of Kat Ritenour Photography

 All photos used courtesy of Kat Ritenour Photography

We nearly literally froze our behinds off but had a ton of fun.  In the photos we're actually standing on a frozen lake.  Craziness!  

That's not the kind of trash the dress I'm talking about today though.  I'm talking about taking this dress:
The one on the left (Aren't my sister and I so cute back in high school!?) 

And I'm trashing it. . . well, sorta.  I'm taking it and using it for fabric for items in my shop.  So far I've made:
All of the ones with pink in them, from this dress.

And some flowers for some wreaths that should be up in the shop hopefully tomorrow. 

And many many more projects to come. 

Don't worry though, I don't feel so bad about trashing this dress.  It wasn't very expensive when I bought it.  It was on sale way before dress shopping season.  Shhhhhhhh it was less than $20.

Have you ever taken something totally apart and used it in a different way?  I would love to see some of your creative ideas!


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