Thursday, September 22, 2011

Gall Bladder Attacks

stink almost as much as a toothache right before you need a root canal.  Thankfully they don't last as long. 

Well how would you know this, Amanda, you ask.  Well last spring I had to have a root canal done because of a terrible toothache.  That was just awful.  The night before they put in temporary filling I literally cried all but 1.5 hours of that night (when I finally got some sleep).  I went to work and the sweet little girl I watch kept saying, "Madda, oo cying! What wong Madda?"  (Manda, you're crying! What's wrong Manda?) Sweetest little girl ever. 
Anyway that was the most painful thing I've ever gone through, yet.  Not very much fun! That's how I felt, only imagine tears and red blotchy eyes.

Anyway, all that to say that today, I had a similar experience on the pain scale.  I was feeling super hunger and thought, hmmmm if I don't eat I'm going to be sick. So I made a baked potato (or 2. . . What? I'm pregnant and they were fast and I needed fast or so I thought.)  So I ate my baked potato and still felt "yucky".  

Then the pain started. 

 I tried going to the bathroom to see if that was it.  Nope, no dice.  

I tried laying down to see if that would help.  Would screaming count as helping?  Probably not. 

Then of course the tears started coming.  I was in agony.  The pain is right under your ribs and then spreads to your back in the same area.  

After 20 minutes, it still hadn't gone away, so I had Aaron call our midwife.  The 4-year-old adorable little girl picked up. "Can I talk to your mommy?" No response.  "Can I talk to your daddy?" Yeah, nothing.  

Apparently our midwife was actually at another appointment and had no reception.  Finally we were able to reach her husband who said as soon as he reached her, he would have her call us and took notes on all my symptoms.  

By the time she called back, I had finally been able to lay on my side enough to get some relief.  And fell asleep.  But when she called I woke up.  I told her my symptoms and she said, "Yep, I thought you were having a gall bladder attack based on what my husband said.  Did the pain come very suddenly, knock you to your knees and make you cry?" HMMMMMMM YES!!!

She sympathized with me, asked if I had any contractions or spotting (just to make sure baby is ok) and then told me some things I can do to prevent future attacks.  Apple Cider vinegar is good for my diet apparently and will help.  So will Olive Oil and some of the B Vitamins.  Then she gave me a list of things to avoid.  Uh oh.  I'm pregnant.  Things to avoid??? 
Black Pepper, ok, not so bad.  Apparently I can have cayenne. 
Coffee, no big deal don't like it.
Tea, that might be harder when it starts getting colder or I go to Chick-Fil-A.  Who doesn't love their sweet tea? 
Chocolate? JAW INSTANTLY DROPS!!! WHAT???? YOU CAN'T SAY THAT TO A PREGNANT LADY!!! You mean no more mint chocolate chip ice cream? brownies? nutella? wafernusse? NOTHING???? ***wail cry flail*** (No, I actually calmly said, OK, however, I did feel all those things).
Ok, after my heart attack, I convince myself it won't be terrible. 
Oh and avoid fried foods.  Not so bad. Trying to eat better anyway. 
So that has pretty much been my Thursday.  I had an attack previously and then forgot to mention it during my appointments.  Now I know though which is great!  

Wonderful, now I want a sweet tea. . . ugh!

Who am I kidding, I need to just be praising God that all that happened was me having a gall bladder attack, it was pre-term labor, not a panic attack of baby, nothing truly wrong.  Praise God for that.

I hope your Thursday was better than mine!  I'd love to hear about it. 



  1. oh no! I'm so sorry about this! This has been a hard pregnancy for you!


  2. Just be careful what you eat. It's almost a trial and error thing. When it was happening to me I was down to just salads and very little dressing. It's a quick way to lose 20lbs! Just make sure your midwife is monitoring you. Keep track of what you ate, and how long the attack lasts.

  3. That sounds scary! Glad you're okay!

  4. Sorry to hear that you had a rough day yesterday. It sure doesn't sound fun.

    I hate to remind you, but come January (or February, whenever) you will be in a lot of pain again with a birth.

  5. Sally's comment makes me laugh :-).


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