Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I haven't done one of these in a while just because life has gotten kinda crazy for me lately.  There are only 2 weeks and 1 day left of my job.  I will miss those girls!

1. Our car was inspected yesterday and although we had to get new brakes that was all it needed.  Praise God.

2. Thankful that last night before I went to bed I found an email saying someone was making dinner tonight for youth group.  Another huge praise.  I didn't know what to make for dinner tonight and really wasn't sure how I'd get it done. 

3. My husband graduated.  And boy did we have a fun time there.  We went to a place called the Frontier Culture Museum.  I loved it.  I still need to find the motivation to put up the pictures after I go through them all. 

4. I'm thankful for our friend James visiting recently, the fun time we ahd at the gorge with many of our friends. :)

5. I'm thankful for great yard sale finds this past weekend. 

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

And the winner is

Congratulations, Quantmlife, you have won the necklace of your choice.  I will be emailing you shortly!  Thank you for all of you that entered.  Thanks for the encouragement to start an Etsy shop.  I think that I will try to make a few more things before I start one, but almost assuredly at this point will be starting one.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Congratulations Graduate

Aaron Graduated!!!!

pictures to follow

Here we go again

to Lynchburg.  We've traveled down this road a few times.  This should be the last time.  HOORAY!!! That's because Aaron graduates TOMORROW!!!! He will be getting his masters in Education from Liberty University.  We are so thrilled!!! If you are reading this please pray for us.  We left this morning at 4 am for an 8-9 hour trip.  It could be intense.  Thank you lovely friends!!!

This was a picture from when we traveled to Liberty last summer.



A few people had mentioned that they think the necklaces I made might make good chokers.  I will definitely consider that.  Until I get started on making some (in the process of another VERY exciting project), here is a picture to show you what they may look like as chokers.  I thought I had more pictures of this, but apparently not.  Still, I agree they could be cute as chokers.

Any thoughts???

If you are looking for the giveaway please click here.

Thankful Thursday

Really that time again?  Man time goes by soooooo quickly.  It seemed to take forever when we were younger and now in the blink of an eye I've been married over a year.  Crazy!  Onto the thankfulness of today.

1.  That my husband finished student teaching yesterday.  Praise God he got an A in the class.  He did super well.  Love him so much!

2.  That my husband is graduating on Saturday!  Woohoo!! So excited for him.  He's been in college for 8 years. He's more than ready to be done.   I'm also excited to see where God leads us.
This was after his first two intensives at Liberty University.  We spent many hours in that building behind him in the computer lab.

And maybe someday we'll see him doing this. . . whatever God has in store for us.

3. That an online friend was open and honest with me on Tuesday night.  She gave me the kind of constructive criticism that I needed.

4.  I'm thankful for Jacqui of Craftee McGee, Piper of Reviving Remnants, and Laura of Along for the Ride for encouraging me in my endeavor to possibly start a business.  Thank you ladies so much for your encouragement and for your kind words and advice. 

5.  I am thankful that my employers got a dog just for me to play with. . . ok, ok, just kidding, I know she's not just for me to play with but I do love her.  She's so sweet.  She sometimes thinks the kids are puppies though and wants to play too hard.  It's just cute though that she loves the little girls so much already.  Lord thanks for making dogs who have wonderful personalities.  :)

6. I'm thankful I get to do my laundry at my employers.  What a blessing I tell ya.  It makes sure I stay caught up on laundry because I have to get it done while I'm there or else go to the laundrymat and that's just not my favorite.  So some days are very much laundry days and we stick close to the house and I'm ok with that.

7. That I got to go to the 10 yr old's band and chorus concert last night.  I felt so bad that in the two years I've watched the kids I hadn't been able to go to any of his extra curricular activities.  Last night I got to go and it was great to support him.

8. I love the sunshine.  I love the way that a good dose of vitamin D can just lift my spirits.  Thank you Jesus for the sunshine.

9. This blog.  I'm thankful for a place to get feedback from people on potential items to sell.  I'm thankful for a place to do these features like Thankful Thursdays and Crafty Saturday and things like that.  Thank you for those of you who read and comment regularly.  Please know that I do read every comment even if I sometimes forget to respond!  Thanks for the encouragement!

10. My salvation.  I know I'm not a good person.  I do terrible things.  The fact that Jesus would choose to save a sinner like me just makes me so overjoyed.  I know that the only good people see in me is when I am reflecting Christ.  In that regard, please pray with me that I will study Scripture and pray more fervently.

What are you thankful for this week??
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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Do you remember?

when I sent things to my friend Karen who is going to Ukraine soon??? 
Like these

and these?

Visit her blog Celebrate Life with Us to see all the lovely things people have created to send with her to love on the orphans there!  

Some amazing things these talented people have contributed! 

Praise God for using His people to be His Hands and Feet.  Thank you Karen for the opportunity to give!


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

To my wonderful Mom, Linda.
She raised me, paid for all of my dance expenses (including trips to national conventions), would tickle me til I'd fall off the couch (not nice I tell you), play "Spit" while watching figure skating, taught me to love crafting, taught me to be loving, compassionate, and generous, overall great mommy!
Photos by Kat Ritenour Photography

And my Mother-in-Love, Holly!
She taught me to love photography, raised the most wonderful boy in the whole wide world, loves ice cream as well, taught me how to cook some wonderful things (chicken rice broccoli casserole thing), so much fun to be around!

Photos by Kat Ritenour Photography
They both have some things in common: 
1. They raised 3 kids.
2. Love to craft.
3. Love dogs.

I love you both very much!  Happy Mother's Day!

And a very Happy Mother's Day to all of those mommas out there in blog world that I communicate with regularly!  Much love to you as well! :)

And a Happy Mother's Day to all the other momma's in my life!


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Crafty Saturday GIVEAWAY!


Make sure you scroll all the way down to the bottom!  One nice surprise down there!

Today we had Brandon over.  This crazy guy and Aaron played a few video games while I crafted.  He also went to the store with us to go grocery shopping.  That was fun.  We got fresh pineapple for $1.99.  We bought two!  OH MY GOODNESS!!! WAY TASTY!!! Fresh pineapple may very well be my favorite fruit.  YUM YUM YUM!!!

End of randomness that has nothing to do with this post.
Ok, back to what this was supposed to be about.

I made the following 4 necklaces a while ago.  I like them very much.  I also very much enjoy making these necklaces.
Again, all of these are made from recycled tees and have a vintage button.
Pink and gray rosettes on white braided chain.

 Turquoise rosettes on yellow braided chain.

 Gray, Turquoise, and Kelly Green rosettes on white braided chain.

 Pink Rosette on yellow necklace for little girl. 
These are some earrings I made a while ago as well. 
White buttons with turquoise ruffles. 

 This barrette I assembled today but the pieces were done weeks ago.
Large vintage buttons and red ruffles barrette.

 Then there are these necklaces from today.

 Purple rosette on white braided chain for little girl.
Red and black rosettes on white braided chain.

 Pale blue and kelly green rosettes on white braided chain.


Now, for the exciting part for me.  I would love to giveaway one of these items to anyone who leaves a comment with which item you like the best.  I will close the giveaway on Monday May 16th.   (You'll have a few extra days because my hubby graduates this weekend from Grad School, in VA, about 9 hours away!)I would also appreciate any constructive criticism.  I'm really starting to think about doing an Etsy shop. Thank you in advance for your advice! 

Hope you had a great weekend!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thankful Thursday

A bit late I'm so sorry!

Today I am thankful we got to spend time with Duncan on Sunday!  Miss him already!

I'm thankful for the beautiful weather and being able to spend some time outside with the girls at the park!

I'm thankful that pretty soon I'll be able to go back to Presque Isle again!!! YAY YAY YAY!!! Love it there.  Hoping to do a lot of walking/swimming there this summer so that I can lose some of this weight!

I'm thankful that I tried something new for youth group: made cake pops for dessert.  It's sure to be a win!

I'm thankful that one of our regular attendees' brother wants to come to youth group.  Unfortunately I haven't found a way to get him there yet.  Please pray he'd be able to come.  He lives probably 40 minutes from us and we live 20 minutes from church and just can't financially do it at this point :(.  This makes my heart so sad!

I'm thankful for the new ideas I've gotten in terms of making more things for a possible business.  Hopefully Saturday I can work on them!  I have it part of the way done, I just need to sew it up :).  That will be exciting!

I'm thankful my husband finishes student teaching on Wednesday!!! That's so exciting!

What are you thankful for today???


Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Sunday was our anniversary.  I was so thankful to spend time with my husband.  We had church in the morning.  Then we went to Aaron's mom's.  I had made a pasta with cheese sauce and broccoli and Aaron cooked up some chicken when we were there.  I liked most of the recipe.  A little too much broccoli for me.  This day was so bittersweet because we were very excited to celebrate 1 year of marriage, but our favorite dog, really the best dog ever, not even kidding, will be put down today.  He is just suffering right now from liver disease.  I brushed Duncan for about 2 hours.  I just love him so much this is so hard for me to deal with.  It may seem silly, but he's the one that would snuggle with me when I'd spend the weekends at Aaron's mom's before we were married.  I loved this dog.  He kept me warm all night.  I've loved the dogs my family has had.  I still do, but Duncan was the sweetest boy ever.  He wouldn't harm anyone.  Aaron and I just snuggled most of the day as I petted Duncan.  We also watched River Monsters, yup, romantic.  Actually it was totally interesting to me as well as Aaron.  I know, glamorous anniversary, but it was important for us.  
I know these aren't the best pictures but I just love him so! 

Now on to the sweet part of the anniversary.  Aaron and I took about an hour and took a walk around Mead Park.  One of my favorite places in the Erie area.  We spent a lot of time there when he was living with his mom.  I love Mead Park.  It was a bit chilly and a bit rainy but it was such a nice time to talk about our marriage and reflect on our first year.  What a special time.  We took our 2 year anniversary pictures at Mead Park. 
Like this one, near one of the streams there.  Photo by Holly Wood (my mom in love)

And we took our engagement photos there.  Also by my mom-in-love, Holly Wood.

It is also where Aaron tried to teach me to play tennis, (I have like no hand-eye coordination).  We took the kids that I watch there last year to hang out with the dogs.  They loved the dogs.  It was so sweet! 

It's where Aaron's mom helped me learn to use her camera.  So many sweet sweet memories in this park.  It was only fitting (to me) to spend our time there.  Plus we knew we wanted to be in Corry to spend time with Duncan.  We love him.  

Good bye, best dog ever! I'll miss you!


Monday, May 2, 2011


I am thinking about setting up a shop on Etsy.  I understand the fees charged by Etsy and Paypal, (thanks to my sweet friend Laura).  However, I have NO idea how the tax part of it works.  Right now I'm not really happy about taxes in general since it kinda is the reason I'm losing my job.  ICK!  Anyway!  I'm so worried about starting up an Etsy shop and not really making any income from it because it all goes back into taxes.  I'm not sure I would even be able to understand how to do my taxes.  We totally don't have the money to see a CPA.  Gah, so many things to consider.  I say we just abolish taxes :) I kid, maybe.  I know I know, render unto Caesar what is Caesar's but, yeah.  I'm so confused.  Help please???? If you own a handmade business what do you do in order to pay your taxes as you should?  Is it worth it to set up a handmade business?  Do you really make much money from it?  (I'm not asking for specific details, but just your help).  Sincerely, 
Totally Confused Toaster!

Random picture from college added for your amusement!

If you'd prefer to email me please do so mrsawood08 at gmail dot com.  Thanks!

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Happy Anniversary to my Husband!!! I know I've spent the last few posts talking about it, but today is our ONE year anniversary!!! I'm very excited to spend the day with him. 
Here are some of the reasons that I love my husband:
1. He's an awesome man of God.  Before we were even dating, I could see myself marrying him because he helped me grow so much in my walk with the Lord.  He'd call me and help me understand Scriptures that weren't making sense to me at the time.  So awesome!

2. He makes me laugh.
Our honeymoon in Mexico

Source: Kat Riteour Photography

3. He's my handsome prince! (at this point he'd say I'm delusional).

Seriously? Look at that handsome face!

 4.  He's wonderful about helping around the house (way better than I am).
Remember how he fixed the sink???

5. He listens to me.

6. He desires to provide for our family.

7. He helps me to stay focused on the important things.

8. We really do compliment each other well.

9.  He encourages me to do better.

10.  He supports my crafting addiction, even though he wishes it wouldn't take over the entire apartment.

11. One day he will be the father of our children.  It will be amazing.

12. He wipes away my tears.

13.  He's willing to massage my gross feet for me =D (absolute winner right there).

What an awesome husband I have!  I love him so much!  Thank you Lord for a fantastic husband!


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