Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekend Recap: Family, Games, and Parties

This past weekend Aaron and I went to visit my family.  I had a baby shower on Sunday so we decided to just make a weekend out of it.  Our nephews were so happy to see us which is just a joy too me.  Unfortunately we forgot to take pictures all weekend.  However, we had a good time.  Friday we played Settlers of Catan with our nephews and they paid attention super well!  I was quite impressed. 

Friday night, however, was not so fun when the dog kept us up most of the night.  I was NOT a happy camper.  After I got up though I was ok.  

We had a big snuggle fest on my parents bed and watched some Daddy Day Care.  The boys and their mom went off to a football game, and my younger sister and mom ended up taking her car to be worked on so I made some homemade applesauce (as a gift for my uncle, whose b-day party was that night) and took a nap, and watched some DIY Network.  Professional Grade is a super cool show.  

Saturday night we went to my grandparents for my uncles birthday party.  It is always special for him so I'm so glad we were able to be there for it as we haven't been for the past few years.  Saturday night we spent the night with a different Aunt and Uncle.  We also went to church with my Uncle and 2 of his grandkids Sunday morning.  It was very nice. 

The baby shower was very nice on Sunday afternoon and the mom-to-be received many nice gifts.  The meatballs that were served were AMAZING!  We played baby bingo and watched her open up gifts.  It's neat to see what different moms-to-be register for.  

After that we went back to my parents house and our nephews wanted to play Apples to Apples so we played one round and then it was time to eat dinner.  We ate dinner and finished up watching the Steelers game with my family and then headed back home.  

It was a long, busy weekend, but it was also nice to get to spend time with my family.  

How was your weekend???


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