Thursday, October 27, 2011

Apple Pie: Follower's Fest

Today I baked an apple pie for my wonderful husband.  He has been working very hard this week and for that I'm super thankful!  He has been substitute teaching (yesterday, today and is scheduled again tomorrow).  He had work last night at the dollar store, tonight he had tutoring and tomorrow he's being paid to set up lazer tag at a local university.  Yup, haven't seen him much this week but wanted to reward him with the pie.  So I did =D.   Cause he's the best!

Shall we get started??? 
A few things you should know: 
1. I love to bake
2. I'm by no means a perfect baker (I piece my crusts together, my pies are messy)
3. We have a very small apartment with NO counter space.  Literally there are just 2" sections on either side of the sink.  No joke, and the dish drain gets one and the other houses our water filtration system.  So as a result, I just use our table as my counter. :)  It's small but we love it anyway!
4. I'm super excited you stopped by today!

Ok, here we go.

One Yummy Apple Pie coming up!
Let them enjoy their bath while you get the crust ready! 

I don't have a stand mixer so I just mix it all by spoon/hand.

See no need to be perfect with your pie crust.  Guess what!!! Someone will eat it anyway! 

I know, cider vinegar, in a pie??? That's what I thought too, but it works! Trust me!

Just use your hands for this part!  It's ok to get dirty!

Take a step back, admire your work and then drool wait for your husband to get home so you can share it!

I hope that if you have never made a pie from scratch before this gives you the courage to do it!  What are some of you favorite fall recipes? 

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  1. Um I may need you to come bake this for me! It looks amazing!! I'm the baker in the family but I SUCK at pies :(

    But now I'm totally gonna try it out! LOVE IT!

  2. YUM! you make it look so easy! I've never attempted an apple pie because it almost looks intimidating. I love the little hearts :)

  3. Just saying Hi from Style Outside the Box! We would love to do a link swap with you! :) New Follower from Oct Fest! :) Come say HI at Don't Forget to Enter Our Blog Fest Contest!


  4. Yum...this pie looks so good!! Great tutorial..I loved your pics. I'm a new follower from the Followers Fest! I hope you'll come visit my blog soon...
    ~Lisa @

  5. This looks so good! I haven't challenged myself to a pie, but it's nice to see there is in fact someone else who doesn't have a stand mixer! Haha. My favourite fall cakes are my mom's pumpkin bread and my new favourite carrot cake. Both so so good!

    Found you through Follow Fest, check out my blog if you're interested!

    <a href="> My Growing Obsessions </a>


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