Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Reaching a decision

Today I experienced my third gall bladder attach during this pregnancy.  Am I happy that it occurred? Absolutely not.  They are ridiculously painful.  However, I am thankful that our midwife provided us a method of treatment.  

I tried finding a comfortable position. Yah, no, I couldn't sit, stand, or lay without crying.  And crying only made it worse as it made it difficult to breathe. 

Up next, Cold compress on the area of pain.  Er, yeah still not working.  Trying very hard not to sob as husband is on the phone with midwife. 

Try taking a hot bath.  

Ok, so at first all it did was make me stop crying, THIS IS HUGE.  

Praise God. 

I was still having trouble getting comfortable, but finally I was able to find out what didn't work (lying on my side was the worst).  Then I discovered what did work, and I didn't move.  I sat in the tub for about 45 minutes.  

After about 15 minutes, I looked at Aaron and said, "we're having a water birth."  He concurred.  We had also learned at our appointment today that tearing is less common with a water birth. 

So thank you gall bladder attack for helping us make that decision! :) 

However, please don't return anymore.  K?  Alright great! Thanks!

Oh and can I say how much I love this man??? He's just the best.  He took such great care of me today! I loff him. He worked very hard to calm me and to try to make me laugh once I calmed down. He's the best. 

Photo used courtesy of Kat Ritenour Photography


  1. I have heard those are brutal! Glad you are feeling better! That is just the sweetest thing your hubby was doing for you!

  2. Yuck, so sorry! Yay for water births! I hope to have one of those someday.

  3. sending massive sympathy.

    Poor 'Manda! I wish I could make this better for you!

  4. Got your email this evening! We were so excited for the both of you! Your going to be a great parents!
    Chrissie & Shelby


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