Friday, October 7, 2011

It's the Little Things: Fairs, Family, and Fall

I was so excited this week that I actually remembered to take my camera with me more often.  

Last Saturday, I went with a friend from church to the Edinboro Camp Fall Festival.  It was TINY and wet, but you know what I had a great time.  I didn't make much money, but I got to talk to some interesting people!  I also got to practice making displays for the future if I do more craft shows!  Oh and did I mention I only decided to do this about a week before the event. DOH!

Then we got to spend some time with my family after that.  We wanted to celebrate my dad's birthday.  Every year for his birthday, I've decided that instead of buying something (he's impossible to buy for) I will bake him a dessert.  When Aaron and I were dating and I would come visit Aaron I would usually bake him something and dad would ALWAYS ask, "Where's mine?"  So I've kept that in mind and dad now gets his own baked goods for birthdays and usually Christmas too.  This year he got peanut butter swirl brownies.  

Please excuse the poor pictures, we were inside a trailer and people were laughing.
Yup my daddy is bald.  Yup he was going bald before he graduated high school.  Still love him though.

One morning this week I was super thrilled to have peanut butter and jam on homemade whole wheat toast. Yumm Yumm.  I forgot how taste that is!

 This week my husband and I have spent quite a few days at my father-in-love's trying to get his deck stained.  Well hubby has been staining the deck, I'm sorta pregnant so can't be around all those fumes.  So I did laundry and took pictures for the shop.  My FIL has a lot of apple trees in his backyard and they were such great back drops.  Not to mention I was SUPER excited that I was able to get some depth of field with my little point and shoot.  It doesn't happen to often so I was super excited.  YAY for pretty pictures. And fall, yay for apples!

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What are you thankful for this week?


  1. Really cute picture with the tree! Nicely done :-)

  2. your crafts are adorable :) and my father in law (and probably my husband soon too) is bald! haha

  3. Thank you Lori for visiting! Thanks for the sweet words as well!

  4. LOL My husband is bald too... funny thing is he realized it awhile back and was like so betrayed I never told him... silly boys :) Great post, can't wait to see more soon!!


  5. What a great week! I love your craft show display ... so colorful :)

  6. I was going to say "nice picture in the tree", but it looks like someone already said it!


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