Monday, October 24, 2011

Overwhelmed by Love

This past weekend Aaron and I were out of town.  When we came home, I found this box on our stairs. 

Elizabeth O. ??? I think I know who that is, I better send an email just to make sure!  Yup, yes this sweet, precious gift came from the lovely and thoughtful Elizabeth over at The Young Retiree.

Anyway, I got out my scissors and had to open up the box.  Look at how nicely everything was packaged. 
Pretty tissue paper (It was wrapped nicer but I didn't take pictures last night as I opened the gift.)

Lovely little card!

Our first official baby gift. 
Look at this beautiful blanket. Elizabeth's grandmother is so sweet! She made this beautiful blanket for us! 

I can't wait to get baby home in January and wrap him/her up this lovely little blanket!

Thank you so much Elizabeth!!!

Elizabeth also just started up an Etsy shop.  Make sure you stop by!
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Then today I received two more packages.  That just doesn't happen around here.  After being super excited.  I remembered to not just rip open the packaging, but rather got out my camera so I could take some pictures. 

I received this cute little package from Amy of One Artsy Mama.

I received this BEAUTIFUL necklace as part of a giveaway!  Isn't it precious!  I love it because the pearl represents our little ones due date (and hopefully little one will be born in January not February). Please don't be late little one!  We can't wait to meet you!  

I am sitting here wearing just a t-shirt, but I had to put my necklace on.  I love it!

Thanks Amy!!! 

Oh and did I mention she made my blog button to the right over there??? So beautiful! I love it!

Be sure to stop by her shop as well!

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And then, there was the package from Sarah from Twillypop.  Oh MY Goodness.  I opened this gift and cried.  Who am I that God should bless me so much??? I haven't met Sarah apart from our twitter conversations and she sent me the most beautiful package today.  I was just overwhelmed by her generosity.  God is just so good!

Ok, before I start bubbling over again with thanksgiving, take a look at these beautiful gifts. 
Isn't this packaging just darling???

Oh did I mention there was a very cute little matchbook notebook in there as well?  What a beautiful surprise.

I opened up the package and saw these beautiful necklaces.  (In my excitement, I forgot to take a picture of how nicely she had them packaged). 

There was this gorgeous peach colored necklace.  I think I might wear this to my baby shower!

Then there was this lovely Sky Blue necklace.  So beautiful.  The photo doesn't do justice to this beauty!

And then there's this one! Swoon!  Can not wait to wear this lovely pink and navy necklace. 

Sarah, Thank you so very much.  What a huge blessing to me. 

Please visit Sarah's Shop!

Thank you ladies so very much!  What a blessing you were to me today! I can not thank you enough!

Praise God for His love for us!



  1. Wow, how fun!! I LOVE getting goodies in the mail ... it's the best feeling ;)

  2. Wow, what a day! I'm so glad I was able to be a part of it and one more way God showered His love on you.


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