Tuesday, October 18, 2011

On This Day 2 Years Ago and a Surprise ;)

My husband, was only my boyfriend, and he was very sick.  Poor guy!  He had a fun filled day planned for us and he felt like he was run over by a dumptruck.  (One of the ways I know he loves me, he still went through with our day).  

A few weeks prior to this day, Aaron had called me to ask if this weekend was open because it was the last weekend to go to Panama Rocks and he had wanted to take me there for a while now. I said yes, and yes again, and 3 more times.  He is NOT usually someone who plans things out.  He's more of an on the fly type person.  So I knew something was up.  I wondered if he had planned on proposing when he took me to Panama Rocks.  I talked about it later that day to my employer and then kinda let it go for a while. 

A few weeks later, the weekend of October 17-18th came, and my poor Aaron was so sick.  He could barely get off the couch.  I asked him if we had still planned on going on Sunday.  He said, "I don't know if we should go I'm pretty sick."  His mom overhearing it said, "WAAAAAHHHHAT??????? Not go???"  Yup, that pretty much sealed the deal for me and I thought for sure he was proposing.  So I was pretty sad when he said we wouldn't go (although I thought maybe he was just trying to throw me off as well.)  

So the next morning we got up and got ready for church.  He came down the stairs, and I could see the outline of the box in his pocket.  Panama Rocks is a beautiful place for hiking, and he was afraid of losing the ring so he kept it in his pocket.  I was having a terribly hard time waiting for him to propose.  I had wanted to marry him even before we started dating (maybe I'm crazy, or maybe it was just one of those God things). 

We went to church, had a quick lunch at Arby's, visited a friend for a little (I forget why we had to go that day but for some reason we did).  The whole time I watched the clock, I knew that the place closed at 5 and didn't let you enter after 4.  Oh and it was about an hour away.  So at 2 o'clock I was near pacing.  HAHAHA

So we finally got to Panama Rocks and it was BEAUTIFUL!  Do any of you know about my love for snow??? No??? Well I love it.  Like a lot.  When I wake up on my birthday and there is snow on the ground I sing Happy Birthday to Me!  The day before, it had snowed, not a lot but just a dusting.  PERFECTION!  We took some pictures of the entrance area, went and bought our tickets, looked at the map and then started hiking.  Aaron was super sweet in helping me get over my fears.  Some of the places I was too afraid to climb down.  (I didn't grow up in the country like he did).  He would grab my waist to help gently guide me down.  Too sweet.  

After we made it about halfway through, we had to take a break.  Aaron being sick, could no longer really breathe and needed to rest for a bit.  Only he was resting for a long time.  He was making small talk.  I can't really remember it.  I asked if he was ready to continue.  He said no, let's talk some more.  Ok, I can be patient.  Then while sitting there on that log, he says, something to this effect (I can't really remember exactly because I was far too excited), "Amanda, you know that my motto is 'It's always an adventure with Aaron Wood' and today has been no different.  We've climbed over a lot of obstacles so far and I know that there will be more, but with God's help I know we can get through it.  We've been climbing over rocks. Let me show you the most beautiful rock here.  *gets down on one knee*  Amanda, I love you so very much, will you marry me???"

*Swoon*  He forgot to put the ring on, so I was like "Yes, I love you please put the ring on! Please put the ring on!" *freaking out*

Then we took some photos as we both cried.

It was just so beautiful!  We finished walking through Panama Rocks both of us talking about our future.  When we got home we told Aaron's parents.  Called my parents, and then started calling everyone else. HAHAHA

And then we couldn't wait and put it on Facebook =P.  Since then we've gotten rid of Facebook but back then we were just so excited!

Unfortunately I can't find the photos from that day, but all the photos except the flower and ring were taken by Aaron's Mom.  She does wonderful photography.

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