Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thankful Thursday

It's that time again!!! I'm so glad I started this feature on my blog. I love that this gives me a chance to reflect on my week and the things that I am thankful.

1. God's providence - this week, we had to make a decision by Wednesday, we were given our answer on Tuesday morning.  Praise God for His quick reply.  We had only started praying about a week ago.
2. The girls that I watch.  They are sooo adorable.  I love them very much.  In the car the other day the 2 year old sang to me, "Night, Night Manda, It's time to go home."  While we were going to pick up her sister.  Too silly!  When I put her to bed, I always sing "Good Night M, Good night M, Good Night M, it's time to go to sleep."  She decided to adapt it.  I love it! =D
3. These guys
They are our youth group kids.  We love them sooooo much!!! We weren't able to have youth group last week because of my tooth pain.  This week we are having it and I'm so excited.  We're having breakfast for dinner! Yum!  Chocolate chip pancakes for dinner.  Amazing =D

4.  My Church Family - I love these people soooooooo much.  Went to prayer meeting last night.  there are only about 20 of us that go.  It's such a sweet time of sharing and praying for one another's needs. I love Grandview Alliance Church.  I'm so thankful for what they are doing.

5. Seeing two of our youth group kids that haven't been at youth group in a few months at church on Sunday morning. Praying they come back tonight.  That'd be so amazing! :) Love them so much.

6. Seeing my friend Melanie on Tuesday and teaching her what I know about sewing.  She's going to be making a purse soon.  We cut out the pieces on Tuesday and she practiced just straight stitching on some scraps on Tuesday.  We'll practice some more probably next week.  She's going to teach me to play guitar in return.  Awesome! I've had a guitar for a year and half and still don't know how to play. I'm hoping that once I learn how to play I can lead some worship for our youth group.  Right now we don't have worship and that makes me a little sad. 

7. The blog Melanie showed me. < Please visit this website. This little girl is so precious!!! I'm so thankful that there are people out there willing to adopt children and be the hands and feet of Christ as we should be.  I hope someday the Lord allows Aaron and I to adopt.  I've always wanted to adopt kids.  Perhaps that's because I'm adopted.  Not by my parent's but by a Loving, Holy Father through the work of His Son!

8. That my dad has been ok for so long even though he apparently fractured one of his vertebrae in a fall at work about 25 years ago.  He also has Spinal stenosis on two of his vertebrae.  He also has artheritus all along his spine.  I'm so thankful that he's been able to do so much for so many years.  I'd also appreciate prayer for him for his back but more importantly for his salvation.

If you'd like to participate in Thankful Thursdays please feel free to do so :).



  1. Today I'm thankful for the wonderful sunshine!

  2. Thanks for linking Carrington's knowing your from too :) Def. lots of prayers coming from Erie !


  3. You are very welcome. My friend Melanie works with your husband. She shared your blog and Carrington's with me.

  4. thanks so much for visiting my blog and for your sweet comment.

    you have so much to be thankful for and i especially love your #1!


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