Saturday, March 19, 2011

Best Husband Ever

This is one of the reason's my husband is the best husband ever.

He went out for a hair cut and came back with this =D. 

He remembered that I had been talking about them this month.  Then he brought one back for me as a surprise.  It's a Shamrock Shake.  We almost NEVER eat at McDonald's for many reasons, but I do love a Shamrock Shake during the month of March.  Thanks wonderful husband. =D =D

Oh and today he told me to go craft. Best. Husband. Ever.  Just saying!



  1. We should get shamrock shakes for the upcoming Guy's night!

  2. For some reason I cant figure out how to reply to your email. Email me your address twobroadsdesign at yahoo dot com and ill get your prize mailed out :)


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