Sunday, March 13, 2011

More craft projects lately

So not only did I make pillows from my grandpa's sweater for the girls in my family.  All of the gifts that I made, I made using recycled fabrics (except nan's pillows).

I also made these pillows for my mom (sweater from the thrift store for the pillow and the hearts):

And this one for Grandma Hennessey (Pap's sweater and sweaters from thrift store):

And this purse for Kristin (a pair of my old jeans and a skirt from the thrift store for the lining):

And these pillows for Nan (made from fabric left over from quilts I made for Colleen and Kristin a few years ago):

And this purse for my sister Colleen (sweater from thrift store and an old pair of pants of mine for the lining):

I forgot to include a picture of the body pillow I made for Ryan, but that's ok.  

I've had a lot of fun creating lately.  Praise God :) 



  1. I like the pillows you made out of your Pap's sweater. And the jean purse is a neat idea! Yay for crafting!

  2. sounds like you've been having fun!

  3. Thanks guys, and yes, I have been having fun. Right now tooth pain is keeping me from more crafting and cleaning unfortunately.


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