Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday CraftDay!

So today I will be linking up again with Laura from Along for the Ride.  I love her blog and her Etsy store.  That's beside the point though.  She has a wonderful series which allows me to post on here the crafts that I've been working on during the week.  Without further ado, here are some of my recent craft projects.

I made this hair clip recently.  I love it.  Aaron doesn't, too bad! hahaha
And then there's a picture of me looking goofy, but it's the best of the ones my husband took. 

My friend, Karen, is asking for some donations to take with her to an orphanage.  I made these little mittens this morning for a young child.  Love them!

These headbands are almost done.  I need to get some buttons. . .

to cover up the center of the flowers so they don't look so messy. 

I made some bean bags, and two that are filled with plastic bags, which make fun noises for babies.

And lastly, these two bracelets finished off my crafting for today.  

Now I am going to play Dance Praise 2.  It's basically DDR but with Praise Music!!! What could be better?  For me, not much! Love it!


  1. how awesome!!!!!! Gosh these kids have NO Idea what they're IN for... ;) Thank you dear friend!

  2. wow! you made some amazing things this week! i am so impressed;)

  3. Thanks Gina. I'm totally a novice, but I am enjoying this so much! :) Yay for crafting


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