Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday Snapshot

So funny!  I had to pick this one this week.  Last week I posted a wedding photo.  This week I posted another! My husband wanted dinosaur cake toppers for our wedding, I said no.  We already had a cake topper that I really liked.  One day when we were at the craft store, he and his friend Brandon (our best man), were playing with some dinosaurs there.  I said, "Pick out two."  He had no idea why I was allowing him to get the dinosaurs, which was awesome.  Then as a surprise for the rehearsal dinner, I made these into the cake toppers.  He's the groom of course, and I'm the bride.  I think my favorite part is the top hat on the groom.  Love it! They still reside in our home, on our end table by the door.  They are very special to us. 

Hope you enjoyed looking at these.  Please feel free to link up with Kim over at Yellow Songbird.  Look over the rules first, then view the other entries. :)


  1. How funny! Thanks for sharing! Found you via Yellow Bird.


  2. hilarious!! thanks for linking up!

  3. No problem Kim! :) I love this :)

  4. this is hilarious!!!
    (coming over from yellow songbird)


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