Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tickle Me Tuesday: Future Inspiration

Lately, as I sit around waiting for our little one to arrive, I've had more time to scour Pinterest.  I try not to spend a ton of time on there, but boy is it helpful for inspiration for home projects and recipes.  We also recently found out that we're probably going to have to move, like, before April.  Our landlord and his family are trying to fix up the place we currently live in.  In that process they are going to be removing the old siding (containing lead paint), the old windows (the sills contain lead paint) and remodeling our bathroom.  So, they have a smaller little house right next to our landlord that he suggested we move into.  Aaron is still not super sold on the idea.  Neither of us like the layout very much, however, I do like that it's off the main road, and that we'd not have neighbors to worry about.  That would be so helpful.  It's not that I don't like neighbors, it's just that right now we have the top floor of a house and sound travels too easily between the top and bottom floors.  With a newborn this could become a problem.  So anyway, because we might be moving, I have been looking up some nursery type ideas. Here are a few that have been tickling my fancy lately.

Add  spice racks to either side of a dresser for a book shelf that saves space. Brilliant!

An old entertainment stand turned baby storage area/changing table.  
I couldn't find the original source 

Wouldn't this be such an awesome bookshelf???

And I would love to have chalkboard paint in our house some day. 

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  1. I really like that entertainment center idea! And I will be so excited if you guys move that much closer to us :-)

    1. I love the entertainment center idea too. I know the room at the new house would be too small but still a great idea. I would also very much enjoy being that much closer. The walks during the summer would be so nice! Double Babies!

  2. Those storage ideas are SO fabulous - love the spice rack one :)

  3. I love all of these. That spice rack idea might need to happen at my house.

  4. Love the top dresser!! What a fab idea to add extra storage.

  5. oh, i love that dresser with book shelves on the sides!


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