Monday, January 9, 2012

1.5 weeks left

How did the time go by so quickly???

Our little one should be here any day now up til about 4 weeks from now (Dear Lord, please let our little one be healthy and come early, please).  

We have a meeting with our midwife on Wednesday.  I'm trying to think of any last minute questions I should ask her.  Do you have any suggestions? 

 I was rather tired today and didn't get as much cleaning done as I'd like to have gotten done, however, I did watch some videos on tips with newborns.  I watched an excellent one on breastfeeding your newborn from  There was also a good one on bathing your newborn which I will share with Aaron tonight when he gets home.  

I've been watching little ones probably since around 8 years old although not by myself until 12.  I feel like I'm prepared for most things, but I've never been a *parent* before.  I've never had a little one that I didn't get to send home in the evenings, or that I would hug and say goodbye.  I know it's going to be a huge change and as much as I'm excited I'm also starting to get nervous.  

I feel like that's weird, but I'm all of a sudden realizing how much I don't have it all together.  What if our baby won't sleep in the bassinet?  Will we cosleep?  What will I do with a newborn all day (other than snuggle him/her of course)?  How will I ever get any cleaning done, meaning I already dislike cleaning, how am I going to want to clean when I have a little one that needs my care?  Please tell me I'm not alone in my concerns in becoming a new mom.

Oh and there are things like, well, I've never done this before, how will I know if my water breaks??? How will I know if those are real contractions? What if baby has decided to flip around (I've been getting a lot more knee or elbows to my side lately)?  How will we get baby to get back into position?  

I know that some of my concerns are rational and some probably aren't.  But even with all of these new concerns that have come up, I'm still super excited to hold our little one in our arms.  I can't imagine how overwhelming that will be.  More than anything I'm looking forward to becoming a family of three.  Aaron already cares very much for our baby and I can't wait to see him when baby comes.  He is going to just be so excited.  It'll be better than seeing his face when he heard baby's heartbeat for the first time and that was pretty incredible. 

We are praying for a healthy and safe delivery.  

Anyway, any last minute questions I should ask??? Thanks for you help!



  1. Oh my goodness- I know you must be getting so very, very excited to meet your little one! I can't even imagine all the nervous energy getting ready to welcome a baby into the world- but you will do fine! I'm pretty sure you'll know when your water breaks! I'll be praying for you on all other accounts! BIG hugs :)

  2. Praying for you! One good book to have on hand for after the baby is born is The Baby Book by Dr. William Sears. It's super helpful.

    I would just jot down any questions you have and ask away at your appt!

    If the baby moves, there is a good site about getting it back into an optimal position:

  3. no suggestions, but...

    *jumps up and down a little*


  4. Praying for you Amanda! Even in the unknowns, insecurities and uncomfortable times, it's good to know that God has a plan we can trust. You'll be a wonderful momma, and your little one will be so lucky to have you! XO, Katie

  5. I have nooooo idea what suggestions to give you! But I hope you blog about your birthing experience so I can learn from it {wink!}

  6. praying for you and your sweet little babe ;) You're going to do FAB!

  7. awww i am thinking about you in these last few days!! definitely get a lot of sleep now! i know people kept telling me that but i didn't really pay attention to it... with a newborn, sleep is sooo tough!

    in terms of contractions, it will HURT! you will know! everyone told me that too but i had doubts if i'd know what they really felt like (i did feel it w/ the pitocin, not naturally though).

    bathing a newborn isn't too bad, we kind of just figured it out. breastfeeding has been my BIGGEST struggle though~~ hopefully you will have better luck!

  8. oh my gosh, i am so insanely excited for you. can't wait to see pics!!!!

  9. oh my gosh!! SO SOON! Congrats and prayers for you and your family that everything goes smoothly :)
    Lovely Little Rants


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