Thursday, January 5, 2012

Eviction Notice

Dear baby, 
I'd love to keep you inside longer so you can "cook up right" as daddy always says.  However, my ribs would like to issue you an eviction notice.  They say they hurt and would like to be able to cough and sneeze without pain.  

Mommy & her ribs

P.S. If you would even just like to move on down a little more I'm sure they might be ok with that. 

P.P.S. BTW daddy has off from work next Wednesday, just something to keep in mind.  You know and it's daddy's half-birthday and he'd be thrilled if it'd be your birthday too.  

Ok, all done! Love you baby!



  1. Cute post! You will soon have your little one.

    Check out mines

  2. yay for baby! i can only imagine your excitement!


  3. OH GOSH. I remember this--so vividly--from pregnancy! But I also remember hurting ribs meaning I was closer to the end! This is my first time at your blog, so I'm going to have to read and catch up to see where you are in your pregnancy. But I wanted to say hi and that I TOTALLY feel for you! :)

    Stop by reverie any time!



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