Thursday, January 26, 2012


I have never been one that has cared a lot about politics.  I didn't really understand them, didn't see the point in listening to debates, thought that they were far too boring.  Aaron and I started researching more about our country's history.  We have watched the American Heritage Series by David Barton and that had really sparked my interest in history and politics.  David Barton is criticized by some as be a "Revisionist Historian."  However, that is simply not the case.  He goes back and sites the original documents of our Founding Fathers, you know, the ones who helped frame this country.

After watching those videos, Aaron started looking more into Ron Paul.  As a result, I got to watch a lot of Ron Paul videos as well.  After reading a lot of his material on his website, I realized that I agree with almost everything he has to say.  I recently disagreed with something he said in a debate but it's been so rare that it's a welcome change.  He is the only statesman we have left.  If you haven't looked into Ron Paul yet, I urge you to do so.  He's served in Congress for 12 terms and REFUSES to take a congressional pension. When he becomes president, instead of taking the $400,000/year that is currently the salary, he wants to take what the average American makes, $39,336.  He also actually wants to get us back to the Constitution which made our nation so great in the beginning.

I realize that our country cannot turn itself around by a leader only.  I think this country is in DESPERATE need of a spiritual revival.  I pray that God would bring revival to this nation.  I think that one way that may be possible is through the election of Ron Paul.  I'm not saying it will happen that way, but I pray that if it is God's will Ron Paul will be elected and because he is a believer that hopefully there will be a change in this nation.

If you'd like to learn more, please watch these videos.  They are some of the best ones I've seen.


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  1. I totally AGREE!!! I pray we as a nation wake up and figure this out before someone else gets the job and we have another 4 years or regret! GREAT post!


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