Friday, January 20, 2012

1 Day (but probably not)

I love looking at our Target Baby Registry just for the sheer fact that it says how many days until our due date.  It's been so fun watching the numbers roll down.  Today it says we have 1 days left. (Yes, it says days).  I know that our little one may not be here tomorrow, but it's still so exciting to know that we've made it to our due date. Our little one has survived 40 weeks in mommy's belly and is doing well!

Some things we've been experiencing lately:
1. Lots of hiccups.  Poor little one hiccups quite often.  I feel so bad for him/her.  Hopefully when our baby decides to arrive he/she will not have them nearly as often.
2. Nesting.  I've been nesting a lot lately.  It's great because it's helping me to keep the house cleaned up!
3. Random hip spasms.  I don't know what else to call them.  They started yesterday.  My inner hip gets a sharp pain in it and then gives out and I have to grab onto something to stay upright.  It happened roughly 6 times yesterday and twice so far today.  Not sure what that's about.  Hopefully that means baby is fully engaged and pinching a nerve?
4. Having a little one soon makes me want to do more natural cleaning products.  I have many things I want to make.  Like this recipe for liquid handsoap from a bar of soap.  I was going to do it today but we don't have any liquid glycerin and Aaron works all day, although I suppose I could drive him to work tonight if I wanted the car.  hmmmmmm
5.  My belly button wasn't popped at our appointment on Wednesday and it popped that night.  It looks so funny!
6.  Valerie told us that it could be another week or two and not to be anxious. 
7.  We have our bags packed and ready to go including candles and worship music.  (Yup, I sing a lot so I'm thinking that will help and if it doesn't, we just turn it off). 
8.  I can't stop thinking about our little one and wanting to hold him/her.  The hardest part right now is that we're so close and I just want to know if we have a son or daughter.  
9.  I made some headbands in the event we have a little girl since most of our clothing leans more towards boy. 
10.  I'm still obsessed with coconut :)

What's going on in your lives?  

Any one have a guess as to when baby's birthday will actually be??? 


  1. Headbands are a good idea :-)

    I'm so excited!!!

  2. your acetual due date is my bday! I guess next saturdya though. :)

  3. I know, the anticipation is almost too much, isn't it? I think the baby's coming on January 24, and I think it's a boy!

  4. I second January 24. Mostly because that's my birthday and it'd be awesome :-)

    1. We'll find out. So far no signs though!


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