Thursday, November 3, 2011

What do you do with leftover pie crust?

My husband, apparently, loves apple pie.  This is the third one I've made recently.  Read "in the last 2 weeks".  To be fair one was for our friends.  

What do you do with the leftover crust???  

Last time, I just cut out some cute shapes and put them on top, as well as Aaron's name, but I still ended up throwing some away.

Then I cut out the letters and spelled out friends on the other one.

Today I was thinking, "Can I make cinnamon rolls?" 

So to google I went.

People do lots of different things with left over crust:
tarts, cookies, make extra shapes, make cinnamon sugar cookies AH HA!

Although they aren't quite cinnamon rolls, I did end up making little cinnamon sugar cookie type things.  (You caught me I have no idea what to call them.)  

Here is the process I went through.  


I actually went and grabbed my camera?

I know it surprised me too!

Anyway here are the photos! 
Ok, so you actually want yours too look way more cinnamon-sugary than that.  After trying them, I realized there wasn't enough cinnamon sugary goodness.  It's ok, it's a learning process, right??

You can do whatever you'd like with your scraps from the end. 
Me? I popped 'em in my mouth :)

Then, forget to take a picture of the next step (oh wait, sorry that's just me)

I just put them on a piece of parchment paper inside a cake pan because I couldn't find the right size baking sheet for our Toaster oven. 

Then feel like a dummy because your pan doesn't fit in your toaster oven either.  Oh wait, just me again! 
Bake them at 400 for 10 minutes.

Take them out and resist the urge to eat them right away.  You will burn your tongue.  
No, I didn't find that out by experience. Ok, maybe. 


You have some little extra goodies along with your delicious pie! YUM YUM!

So PLEASE don't just throw the extra dough away. Ok? Promise? Great!



  1. Promise I won't throw them out....since I don't bake much anymore!

  2. wow, what a great idea! I don't make pie very often, but I'll keep this in mind!

  3. My mom always made those! They were my favorite part of the pie making process :)


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