Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tickle me Coconut

Sometime in the last month, my husband and I were watching an Iron Chef America.  It happened to be Battle Coconut.  
Oh no, so many problems with this. 
1. I already have an intense love of coconut.
2. I'm pregnant and tend to be easily convinced I need certain foods.  Not really cravings, but more of an I see it and now want it kind of deal. 
3. My mouth watered the entire show.
4. I think I said I want it about every 30 seconds. 

That brings me to the last few weeks.  My husband decided that we NEEDED to have some coconut in our lives.  Seriously, he stocked up!

Oh praise God for my hubby!

So I got on Pinterest and found some wonderful recipes.

Here are the ones that tickled our fancy the last few weeks.

And then we had Coconut Chicken (next time I'm leaving out the condensed milk, too sweet (which is normally impossible for me)). 

And lastly, I made these tasty little buggers
I messed up (SHHHH) and only used 1/2 c. butter, but they still turned out well. =D 
And I didn't feel as guilty when I'd eat like 6 (ok, I only felt half as guilty). 
Can I use the excuse I'm eating for two?

So that's what's been tickling our fancy lately.  
How about you?

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  1. I luuuuv me some coconut. Those macaroons look amazing.

  2. The coconut chicken looks amazing! I love fresh coconut right out of the shell. It's just like eating a nut.

  3. Those oatmeal coconut cookies look SO delicious!! How yummy :)

  4. Oh I so so love coconut too! The chicken looks quite delicious - I also add coconut milk to squash soup - it's fantastic takes two of my favorite things and makes them both better!

  5. I saw that coconut chicken on your blog & coconut went on my shopping list. LOL


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