Sunday, November 6, 2011


Today is my Birthday!!! Woohoo! Happy 26th Birthday to me.  

Am I really 26 though??? I still look like 18 or so I'm told all the time. 

Well let's just show you me throughout the years? Would that be ok if we took a look back on memory lane?
Aw, it's a baby Toaster. It looks like I'm snapping (hehe, I do that a lot).

My sister "reading" to me.  It's important to start them early reading!  Our baby will go to the library with me at an early age! :)

Ok, ignore the angry face, I honestly do love snow and always have. My parents have one of my dad pulling me on the sled around this age too!

And I've also always loved the water.  Oh and that's my wonderful grandpa! I miss him terribly!

My cousin Michelle's wedding back in 1996 (I think).  I got to be the "ring bearer" 

My first dance recital ever, yup, I was 8.  I had glasses since I was 3.  They're so terrible hahah!

Sea World with my neighbor Christine, back when I was in middle school, now we're both expecting little ones! How time flies!

My freshman year of high school, going to a dance banquet. Yes, I had long hair, dad decided I wasn't allowed to cut it. 

Lunch with Santa for German club with my extended family.

My younger sister and I at our semi-formal my junior year (17)

Me with my grandpa before my junior prom just a few months before he passed on.  Boy do I miss him.

A dance competition my junior year as well! 

Prom Senior year My mom, Me, My friend Steph, and her mom

My junior year of college (I think) can't really remember with my roommates at a friend's wedding
Junior year of college with my roommates!

Senior year of college

More senior year fun 

I can't remember if this was senior year, or the year after I graduated.  
Easter with my sisters on either side of me, my great-grandma, and my grandma

(Photo courtesy my mom-in-love)
Aaron and I for our 2 year dating anniversary (June 09)

Hey I found one picture from the day we got engaged! Woohoo!

And us now! I'd have to say we've grown up a little bit right???

Well I hope you've enjoyed this trip into the life of Toaster!

Before you go, 

Wait, don't leave yet,

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Hope you have a fantastic Sunday!



  1. What a great post! Looks like you have many happy memories growing up. Have a great Birthday!

  2. Happy birthday! I wonder if your baby will look like you in that first picture :-)

  3. Thank you lovely ladies! I wonder that as well Sky!

  4. totally late but happy birthday!!!! i just found your blog!! :) xoxo


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