Friday, November 11, 2011

My first Award

Remember how I talked about Sarah of Yes, Teacher Crafts???

She's adorable and super sweet.  And she gave me an award! 

Rules of the award: To share seven things about yourself and award seven more bloggers this award. Be sure to let them know you awarded them so they can pass it on!

Here we go, seven random things:

1. I danced for 10 years of my life. My senior year of high school I danced 24 hours a week.  I also had to take tests for our ballet method we practiced. I'd get excellent in style, musicality, and theory; however, I'd barely pass the actual dancing part =P!
It don't mean thing if it ain't got that swing! Do wa do wa do wa do wah! etc!

2. I love coconut.  We had these for dinner last night, although, I didn't have bread crumbs so I used ritz crackers, and next time I would not use condensed milk.  They were slightly too sweet. 

3. I very much admire the Duggars.  You know, soon to be 20 Kids and Counting.  They have an amazing faith and are a great example of what a Christian family can look like. LOVE. (More on that later though)
4. I was not a Christian until February of my freshman year of college (Thanks to my friends Sally and Robin!) so almost 7 years.  I remember packing  my little Bible from VBS thinking, "I may need that." HA God is awesome! 
Robin is in the bottom left, and Sally is the only one in Plum :)

5. Growing up the only "vegetables" I ate were corn and potatoes.  Yes, I know now those don't count as vegetables.  I eat a lot more now, however, only if they are cooked. Veggies raw just are GROSS. Oh and so is lettuce.

6. I could survive on pierogies (and probably chicken fingers). 

7.  I worked in retail once for 3 months.  Least favorite job ever!  I wouldn't do that again (at least at the same store). 

And now, to pass it on to seven other lovely bloggers:

Feel free to leave me some random comments about yourself too! I'm off to make some pierogies.

 No, I'm not kidding.

But I am also going to make a fruit smoothie to make it "healthier" =D. 


  1. love this post! yay on getting an award! PS your wedding pics are beautiful!

    Classic & Bubbly

  2. oh, thank you for the award! you are sweet! pierogies are my fave as well, my mom's side is polish, and we LOVE to make them around Christmas time...takes a bit of time, but SO worth it!

  3. ok i am totally making those coconut chicken tenders this week.... or very soon!!

    hahaha i actually didn't really wear those heels out... just for the pictures!


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