Saturday, August 27, 2011

Recent Items and some new things I'll be working on

Hello there!!! I know that I posted some photos of our fun little photoshoot but I realized I forgot to post pictures of some of the new items that I really like.

I made this headband to wear to a friend's wedding and got so many compliments thought that I would add it to the shop.  It is one of a kind though.  I have more of the Galloon (I learned it's name finally: stretch lace) to make more headbands.  I am thinking about adding Galloon headbands to the shop soon as an option for purchase to turn any of the clips into headbands.

I just love this piece.  It's so pretty and elegant to me.  I love the colors together.  I have an old semi-formal dress that is pink that I've been trying to sell at yard sales (I only paid $15 for the dress), but it hasn't sold.  I think I'm going to turn it into some more hair pieces like this.  The blossom can also be worn as a pin.  Pizzazz!

Love this pretty white blossom.  It can also be worn as a hair clip or once I get the lace headbands up in the shop can be added to a headband! :) 

I know this isn't a new item, but I didn't realize until the day we did our photo shoot that you can wear this necklace as a headband too!  How fun is that to have a dual purpose piece in your inventory.  LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

So those are some of the recent items in the shop.  Here are some of my new ideas:
  1. Set of 4 Steelers seat cushions (made from upcycled tees) 

    1. turning this into a custom item in my shop made from others' old tees

  2. Making make-up bags from upcycled tees (also to be a custom order option)

  3. Adding more lace headbands, as well as knit headbands to the shop.

  4. Adding more rosette statement pieces made from upcycled fabric (got free left over fabric from a friend).

I think that is all for now if you have more ideas let me know!!! Happy Crafty Saturday everyone!

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  1. I love making new headbands! They turned out lovely!

  2. The lace headbands are definitely my favorite!

  3. I adore the white blossom brooch!! Great job Amanda!

  4. Thank you ladies for the encouragement!

  5. Your headbands are super-cute! You look so 1920's (with a twist) in the white lace! Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

  6. beautiful! love the ilene blossom :) your shop must be adorable!

  7. Ooo I love the last one! You have a good eye.


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