Thursday, August 11, 2011

Another One Bites the Dust

Ok so since Aaron and I have been dating, (4 years since we've started dating), I've run out of fingers and toes to count the number of weddings we've been to/been invited to even if we couldn't attend.  This past Saturday, two more friends from college got married.  It was a beautiful ceremony, Pastor Sam L (I'm not even going to try to spell his last name), gave a great message about leaving, cleaving, and weaving.  It was fantastic.  Ashley, the bride looked so beautiful! It was a small intimate wedding of about 90 people, and it was a InterVarsity reunion of sorts.  There are many of us spread out over the country so it was nice to see some people we don't get to visit often.  But what's a wedding without pictures right? So here are some pictures of the beautiful day.

 Saying their vows.
 My hubby and I 
 Sally and Justin (and bubbles by Brandon)
 First Dance
 Ashley and her Dad
 Brad and his Mom
 The Bridal Party
 What my camera has been doing lately, it shakes and won't stop thus preventing good pictures. 
 The photo above and many below are what happen when you give Andrew and Brandon  your cameras and ask them to take a picture. 

 Huzzah!  We finally got the picture of me, Molly, and Sky!!!!
 Apparently I forgot to rotate the picture but husband and his best friend, Brandon.
 Yep, chances of getting a picture of them serious together occurred only at our wedding :)
 Again we asked Brandon to take a photo of us.  Um, yeah, . . .
 told us to be goofy
 Then I blinked 
Although washed out it's the best one we got.  Hopefully someone else got a better one :).


  1. Wow! You took some really good pictures at the wedding! I like the first one and the one of the cake the best. Very nice :-)


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