Monday, August 8, 2011

16 weeks

Yesterday was a busy day (isn't it always though).  We got ready for church in the morning after having been to a wedding and playing Settlers until at least midnight the night before.  Then we ate lunch with a visitor of our church and one of friends who was visiting for the wedding.  That was soooooo nice.  It's always a good thing to make people feel comfortable and I hope we were able to do that.  Unfortunately I couldn't even eat all of my meal (nausea is back).

After that we were off to get a gift card for our cousin, Chad's surprise party and then arrived at the party.  It was so nice to spend time with the Wood clan again.  It's fun because one of our cousin's is 2 months farther along than I am so it's neat seeing where I will be in 2 months.  They served a taco bar which was great because I can do tacos!

Upon saying goodbye to everyone, we traveled to my father-in-love's to do some laundry and so Aaron could mow the lawn.  We are so thankful he allows us to do our laundry there because if not, we'd be spending a lot of money a month at the laundromat.  I decided I needed to take some belly bump pictures before the sun went down, but Aaron was still mowing the lawn, so I took some pictures of him on the lawn mower also.  Oh, I forgot we also picked some apples from the Yellow Transparent tree that I was hoping to turn into some applesauce/pies, this week.  I hope tomorrow I feel better and can do that.

Anyway, here are our 16-week pictures.  Aaron didn't take too many because he wanted to get back to mowing.  =P Silly boy, there are pictures to be taken! Just kidding, it was already 8:00 when I asked to take the pictures. Silly wife for waiting so long!

 Oh and we had to wait another 10 minutes because my camera kept doing this!

 Dear Baby, that's your handsome daddy working hard!

 I like the rusty wheels what can I say! :) 

 It's a little bump!

I just realized you can't see my headband when I stand that way.  Oh well, look at the bump, not the hair, bump, not hair! 

So that's how we're doing at 16 weeks.  Well this morning I thought I was doing better, but then got sick.  So we'll take it one day at a time still.  I took a nap and so far my snack has stayed down, might even try to eat an apple.  Woohoo for food in the belly. 

How are you doing this week??

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  1. Cute belly pictures! And those are good shots of Aaron on the tractor too!


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