Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Roommate Reunion

My college roommates and I try to meet up several times a year since we live relatively close to one another.  We try to make sure we see each other for birthdays.  Before Christmas we go shopping at the Grove City Prime Outlets.  And for three years running, we've done a getaway during the summer so that we can spend some time with just the girls.  It's been such a great tradition that I hope we can keep up with throughout the years!

Sally's in-laws have a cottage about an hour from where we live on another lake, so last Wednesday morning the 4 of us met at Sally's house to head out to the cottage.  We stopped and got some groceries so we could make lunch and then sat around and chatted for a bit.  After a while, baby insisted that he/she have food so we started making some Mac and Cheese for lunch.  We played Catch Phrase while we waited.  This is a fairly common practice for us, we played a lot of times before baptisms at church between the morning and baptismal services.  Then we had the fun of picking out some movies to watch later that evening.

 Then we realized we didn't have a DVD player there.  We decided we'd pass the time playing catch phrase some more and talking about memories from college.  Do those ever get old??? Probably not.

 Wednesday night we had dinner at Applebees and then went to pick up the DVD.  We watched Jane Austen's Persuasion (which was awesome) and You Again (not my favorite, some good parts and some really not so good parts).  We had fun.
 Liz and Meg

 Sally and I

Unfortunately, Thursday, Meg had to leave us.  She had work that afternoon.  We ate some breakfast, watched Tangled (love that movie), and then had some lunch accompanied by more Catch Phrase.  After Meg departed, the three of us remaining got on our swimsuits and headed to the beach.  Sally and I very much enjoyed the swimming while Liz enjoyed the sun (and listening to the guy playing the pinball machine FREAK OUT).  
After that we decided that we'd go to the Grove City Outlets and just browse.  All three of us came home with something though.  I bought a maternity dress that you'll see in some of the pictures during tomorrow's post.  (Although I realized I should never ask boys to take pictures.  I never get a full length picture.)  Then we headed back to the cottage, ate a small dinner and tried to eat up a decent amount of the snacks we had.  We chit chatted and then decided to watch While You Were Sleeping.  That movie is typical "Hollywood" to me in that it's so not something that would happen ever.  But it is a cute, feel good kinda movie.  Then Friday we had breakfast and headed home.  

Do you have anything you do to stay in touch with your college roommates?


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  1. Aww that sounds like lots of fun. I love "While You Were Sleeping!" So cute. And I visit my college roommate as often as I can!


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