Monday, August 8, 2011

Happy Belated Birthday

To Robin!  From our youth group.  Actually, we celebrated her birthday over a month ago and we celebrated it early.  :) Aaron and I worked together with our church to throw her her first ever birthday party, and it was a surprise party!  I had convinced her the whole two weeks leading up to the party there was a church picnic she should REALLY come to.  We pulled in and she was excited to see all the people and completely missed the "Happy Birthday" banner until everyone shouted SURPRISE!  It was priceless!

 There was DQ Ice Cream cake.  What's a surprise party without ice cream cake, in July, when it melts before you can finish eating it.  But that's ok it was sooooo tasty!

 It was so windy that Robin blew out the candles and then we sang Happy Birthday.  She was laughing because this was about the 3rd time we lit the candles.  Silly wind.

 Then, of course, there were cards and presents. 

 Doesn't she have the sweetest smile???

 Give a 16 year old a sticker and she will put it on her face, and on many other faces as well. 

Showing off some gifts, including the one I made her that's in her hair. 


Have you ever had a surprise birthday party?  Have you ever planned a surprise party??? I'd love to hear about some of your favorite surprise memories. 

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