Monday, August 8, 2011

Why I've been absent lately

There are three main reasons I have been absent lately from this blog.  

1.  As you well know, I am pregnant and unfortunately morning sickness isn't quite accurate.  For me it had been almost 24/7 sickness.  When at home I'd live on the couch for a while.  
Well, I'm glad to say that we are 16 weeks pregnant now and I am feeling sooooo much better!
 Although it's small, there is definitely the beginnings of a baby bump there.  I've realized that this pregnancy I've lost weight (probably from the morning sickness) and all the weight I've gained has to have been related to the baby.  I'm the same weight I was when I got pregnant.  Hoping that will change as I can now start to eat more (hopefully).  Who knows, maybe one day I'll want Italian food again (gosh I hope so).

2. We've been spending a lot of time with friends lately.  While Aaron and I are waiting to find employment we have our summers free.  Also, our friends, Andrew and Sky, have moved just a few blocks from us.  Our friend, Brandon's car broke down and has been spending the nights here because it's closer to work for him.  We don't mind at all. We love spending time with our friends. 
 For his birthday, I got Aaron Settlers of Catan.  Best.purchase.EVER.  We have played a lot.  Not kidding, probably at least 6 times a week (we play multiple games per night).

 Andrew and Sky very graciously host us in their home!

 Robber, Robber, go away, come again, NEVER!  No one likes the robber.  He stops your production and allows the person who placed him there to steal one of your cards.  Boo to the robber!

Did I mention we live just a few blocks from the beach??? We have gone to Presque Isle on Lake Erie a few times this summer also with Sky and Andrew and our friend Brandon.  It has been so much fun to be out in the sun and to get some great exercise for baby.  The picture above was taken on the day we had 4-5' waves.  It was the most intense swim I've ever had at Lake Erie. 

3. Uncooperative weather and schedules. 
I've made a lot of new products lately, but unfortunately, I haven't been able to take many pictures of the new products.  We've had very weird weather as of late, super hot and bright and sunny but then days where it just is super cloudy, threatening to rain.  I've also been wanting to take pictures of people wearing the products I make to hopefully help promote them better, but we just haven't been able to coordinate our schedules yet.  Hopefully sometime this week everything will work out. 

Those are the main reasons why I've been absent from blogging.  How do you deal with a lack of blogging?  Do you ever get in a rut where you just don't feel like blogging?  What motivates you to blog?

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