Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Really that time again?  Man time goes by soooooo quickly.  It seemed to take forever when we were younger and now in the blink of an eye I've been married over a year.  Crazy!  Onto the thankfulness of today.

1.  That my husband finished student teaching yesterday.  Praise God he got an A in the class.  He did super well.  Love him so much!

2.  That my husband is graduating on Saturday!  Woohoo!! So excited for him.  He's been in college for 8 years. He's more than ready to be done.   I'm also excited to see where God leads us.
This was after his first two intensives at Liberty University.  We spent many hours in that building behind him in the computer lab.

And maybe someday we'll see him doing this. . . whatever God has in store for us.

3. That an online friend was open and honest with me on Tuesday night.  She gave me the kind of constructive criticism that I needed.

4.  I'm thankful for Jacqui of Craftee McGee, Piper of Reviving Remnants, and Laura of Along for the Ride for encouraging me in my endeavor to possibly start a business.  Thank you ladies so much for your encouragement and for your kind words and advice. 

5.  I am thankful that my employers got a dog just for me to play with. . . ok, ok, just kidding, I know she's not just for me to play with but I do love her.  She's so sweet.  She sometimes thinks the kids are puppies though and wants to play too hard.  It's just cute though that she loves the little girls so much already.  Lord thanks for making dogs who have wonderful personalities.  :)

6. I'm thankful I get to do my laundry at my employers.  What a blessing I tell ya.  It makes sure I stay caught up on laundry because I have to get it done while I'm there or else go to the laundrymat and that's just not my favorite.  So some days are very much laundry days and we stick close to the house and I'm ok with that.

7. That I got to go to the 10 yr old's band and chorus concert last night.  I felt so bad that in the two years I've watched the kids I hadn't been able to go to any of his extra curricular activities.  Last night I got to go and it was great to support him.

8. I love the sunshine.  I love the way that a good dose of vitamin D can just lift my spirits.  Thank you Jesus for the sunshine.

9. This blog.  I'm thankful for a place to get feedback from people on potential items to sell.  I'm thankful for a place to do these features like Thankful Thursdays and Crafty Saturday and things like that.  Thank you for those of you who read and comment regularly.  Please know that I do read every comment even if I sometimes forget to respond!  Thanks for the encouragement!

10. My salvation.  I know I'm not a good person.  I do terrible things.  The fact that Jesus would choose to save a sinner like me just makes me so overjoyed.  I know that the only good people see in me is when I am reflecting Christ.  In that regard, please pray with me that I will study Scripture and pray more fervently.

What are you thankful for this week??
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  1. woohoo for graduation, puppies, vitamin D and Jesus!

    (not in that order :-P)

  2. I, too, am thankful for my son and his ability to achieve his goals. I am extremely grateful for the woman he married. I am grateful for coffee in the morning, good dogs, and beautiful weather. I am grateful for technology and a job that allows me to do a few of the things I want, I am grateful that my kids are all good and all healthy and all my friends now that they are grown.


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