Sunday, May 1, 2011


Happy Anniversary to my Husband!!! I know I've spent the last few posts talking about it, but today is our ONE year anniversary!!! I'm very excited to spend the day with him. 
Here are some of the reasons that I love my husband:
1. He's an awesome man of God.  Before we were even dating, I could see myself marrying him because he helped me grow so much in my walk with the Lord.  He'd call me and help me understand Scriptures that weren't making sense to me at the time.  So awesome!

2. He makes me laugh.
Our honeymoon in Mexico

Source: Kat Riteour Photography

3. He's my handsome prince! (at this point he'd say I'm delusional).

Seriously? Look at that handsome face!

 4.  He's wonderful about helping around the house (way better than I am).
Remember how he fixed the sink???

5. He listens to me.

6. He desires to provide for our family.

7. He helps me to stay focused on the important things.

8. We really do compliment each other well.

9.  He encourages me to do better.

10.  He supports my crafting addiction, even though he wishes it wouldn't take over the entire apartment.

11. One day he will be the father of our children.  It will be amazing.

12. He wipes away my tears.

13.  He's willing to massage my gross feet for me =D (absolute winner right there).

What an awesome husband I have!  I love him so much!  Thank you Lord for a fantastic husband!



  1. Hooray for anniversaries! May your second year of marriage hold even more adventures!

  2. ahhhh happy anniversary! I live your sweet dimple in that last shot :)

  3. Karen you have no idea how much pain that dimple caused me in Elementary school. I always found a finer in there, or someone pinching it. Boo!

  4. I forgot to mention that first photo is of us during the worship part of our ceremony! It was AWESOME!


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