Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

To my wonderful Mom, Linda.
She raised me, paid for all of my dance expenses (including trips to national conventions), would tickle me til I'd fall off the couch (not nice I tell you), play "Spit" while watching figure skating, taught me to love crafting, taught me to be loving, compassionate, and generous, overall great mommy!
Photos by Kat Ritenour Photography

And my Mother-in-Love, Holly!
She taught me to love photography, raised the most wonderful boy in the whole wide world, loves ice cream as well, taught me how to cook some wonderful things (chicken rice broccoli casserole thing), so much fun to be around!

Photos by Kat Ritenour Photography
They both have some things in common: 
1. They raised 3 kids.
2. Love to craft.
3. Love dogs.

I love you both very much!  Happy Mother's Day!

And a very Happy Mother's Day to all of those mommas out there in blog world that I communicate with regularly!  Much love to you as well! :)

And a Happy Mother's Day to all the other momma's in my life!


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