Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Sunday was our anniversary.  I was so thankful to spend time with my husband.  We had church in the morning.  Then we went to Aaron's mom's.  I had made a pasta with cheese sauce and broccoli and Aaron cooked up some chicken when we were there.  I liked most of the recipe.  A little too much broccoli for me.  This day was so bittersweet because we were very excited to celebrate 1 year of marriage, but our favorite dog, really the best dog ever, not even kidding, will be put down today.  He is just suffering right now from liver disease.  I brushed Duncan for about 2 hours.  I just love him so much this is so hard for me to deal with.  It may seem silly, but he's the one that would snuggle with me when I'd spend the weekends at Aaron's mom's before we were married.  I loved this dog.  He kept me warm all night.  I've loved the dogs my family has had.  I still do, but Duncan was the sweetest boy ever.  He wouldn't harm anyone.  Aaron and I just snuggled most of the day as I petted Duncan.  We also watched River Monsters, yup, romantic.  Actually it was totally interesting to me as well as Aaron.  I know, glamorous anniversary, but it was important for us.  
I know these aren't the best pictures but I just love him so! 

Now on to the sweet part of the anniversary.  Aaron and I took about an hour and took a walk around Mead Park.  One of my favorite places in the Erie area.  We spent a lot of time there when he was living with his mom.  I love Mead Park.  It was a bit chilly and a bit rainy but it was such a nice time to talk about our marriage and reflect on our first year.  What a special time.  We took our 2 year anniversary pictures at Mead Park. 
Like this one, near one of the streams there.  Photo by Holly Wood (my mom in love)

And we took our engagement photos there.  Also by my mom-in-love, Holly Wood.

It is also where Aaron tried to teach me to play tennis, (I have like no hand-eye coordination).  We took the kids that I watch there last year to hang out with the dogs.  They loved the dogs.  It was so sweet! 

It's where Aaron's mom helped me learn to use her camera.  So many sweet sweet memories in this park.  It was only fitting (to me) to spend our time there.  Plus we knew we wanted to be in Corry to spend time with Duncan.  We love him.  

Good bye, best dog ever! I'll miss you!



  1. Happy anniversary! Looks like a sweet time. Sorry to hear about your pup. Will be praying for you today!

  2. Thanks Lindsay! Much appreciated!

  3. Poor Duncan :-( I'm sorry it had to happen so close to your anniversary.

  4. thank you for the wonderful tribute to Duncan. He is a special dog and I am sure that we will remember all the good parts.

    I, too, am sad this has to happen so close to your anniversary, and I love both of you much!

  5. I'm so sad also! But, I just wish it didn't happen at all!

  6. I know that dogs don't live forever, but really he was the best dog ever. :/ Miss him already!


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