Thursday, May 10, 2012

Playtime with Zoe

I know that I should probably make collages instead of sticking a zillion photos in a post, but that takes too long when I only have so much time when my little one is napping and before the electrician tells me to shut down the computer (I hope he doesn't but he's been here almost 4 hours now). 

Anyway, last week I took these pictures of Zoe when I introduced her to her lamb from Mongel.  This lamb has a tutu (my family is kinda convinced Zoe will be a dancer, I will laugh if she turns out to be a tomboy). 
Anyway it made for super cute photos. Prepare for the cuteness overload =D
That's one happy baby

Dat's soft!

My name is Zoe and if you come near my mouth I will eat you NOMNOMNOM

And I will be extremely happy about eating you!

I know this is totally blurry, but the smile, the smile, I can't help but love that smile

And then we finished up by reading!

It's hard to find ways to play with someone so little, but I cherish these times when I can cuddle her and teach her how to read and sit up and play. I know these times won't last forever so I will indulge in them now. 

How do you play with babies?



  1. Last night I played with a baby (who's a little older than Zoe), and I took her out on a swing! She was having such a fun time. And then, one of the 4-year-old boys I was also babysitting started to swing her. It was a cuteness overload :-).

  2. Zoe's cute little smiles are so adorable! Thanks for posting these...all of them!



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