Thursday, May 31, 2012

Long time no blog

So being a mom/homemaker has been more time consuming than I realized it would be.  Part of it is that I'm just learning how to do things more naturally.  I make our own granola cereal and granola bars now.  We eat WAY less processed food.  There are still some things we eat that are processed but it's significantly less.  I've also been trying my hand at making homemade cleaners as well.  And dishes, do they ever end? How about laundry? Didn't think so. 

In between all of the cleaning and caring for little Zoe, I have had the opportunity to take some pictures as well.  Here are a few from the last few weeks:
Snuggling up Dada

Trying to eat her ball

Watch this super funny short little clip of her:

Last time she wore this super cute little outfit.  And she's sitting in the chair my grandpa made for me. YAY for family heirlooms!

Super smiley :) Gosh I love her.


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