Saturday, April 30, 2011

Saturday Snapshot

It's that time of week again!  Time to link up with Kim from Yellow Songbird.  I really enjoy getting to look back on some old photos.  This week I'm posting one from the beginning of my relationship with my husband.  I can't believe it but tomorrow is our 1 year anniversary! Where did the time go??? Ooo, pick me, pick me, I know I know!  We went to Mexico for our honeymoon, then we went to Lynchburg, VA for his summer classes, then we went to a few weddings in this area, went to Pittsburgh for Christmas, back to Lynchburg after that, then to Illinois for another wedding.  We also started a youth group this year, what a blessing.  We both left Facebook.  We have had such a wonderful first year of marriage, sure there are some disagreements, but we can't stand to be upset with one another.  We always make up before we go to bed.  God is sooo good to us.  I know this may not always be the case but I'm so thankful for how much we think alike and work together.  Oh sweet husband of mine I love you!!!  Thank you for a wonderful year! 

In this picture, I stole his hat, which I did frequently.  He had "hat" for like 8 years.  Unfortunately somehow, hat disappeared last year, (no, I didn't throw out hat, I loved him as much as Aaron did). :( This was probably in our first 3 months of dating. 

Source: Kat Ritenour Photography
About an hour before the ceremony, our photographers decided to "torture" us by allowing us to be so close without being able to see each other. They backed us up against the wall so we couldn't see each other. . . I was just a hands reach away!  I loved it though because I could at least hear his voice even though I really didn't want him to see me before the I walked down the aisle!  Can't believe this was a year ago now!  Wow!

Love you Husband!!! (and don't call me Wife-band!) 


  1. oh my goodness, i love that second photo!

  2. So much can happen in a year - praise God for all His blessings! Congratulations, you two!


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