Sunday, April 10, 2011

The past two weeks in crafts!

Hello there!  I have been crafting a lot more lately.  I've also been refusing to buy fabric while I have so much wonderful fabric here.  My sister and my husband both asked me to make them t-shirt quilts.  Sister's has been finished and is wonderful!  Husband's, well, let's not talk about that.  At least it's pinned together right?  Anyway after cutting out all the wonderful squares for the t-shirts, I was left with all of these scraps that I didn't dare part with.  They were too wonderful and could be used for something, right?  Well the past few weeks I've been on a kick with using t-shirts to make, well lots of things.

Would you like to see some of those things?  No? Ok, then just pretend you didn't read this post.  If you answered yes, scroll down to see some of the things I've made recently.

Remember I said I was making some things to send with my friend, Karen, to the orphanage when she goes?  I've posted a lot of those items already but here are some new ones that I made in the last week.

Hats for babies:
Sleeve from a red t-shirt, a little interfacing, some stitching, and a few t-shirt scraps = hat with turtle!

This one is knotted!  I love the froggies!

OoOO, a black hat =P

And another one this one is stretchy! :) 

I also made some barrettes for the girls: 
We have pink!

and green!  I thought these might be nice for some of the older girls (hopefully).

And then there is miss Carrington.  Remember how I told you about her?  Please feel free to revisit her blog!  I love her.  I've never met her.  Hoping to send these to her this week. 
A flower barrette!

What it looks like in someone's hair.


In my hair

A heart

In my hair again!

Oh, did I mention these are all the same barrette and are just switched out with velcro!  YAY!

All of these were made with old t-shirts, sewing machine or glue gun, upcycled buttons! YAY! 

I think that this post might be getting too long so stay tuned for part two! :) 


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