Sunday, February 27, 2011


Lately I've been reading a lot more since I've decided that I need to spend my time more on the things of God.  I have read in the last two weeks:
Called Out by Janet Boynes - A woman who God called out of homosexuality and her story of how He saved her.
D.C. Talk & Voice of the Martyrs - Jesus Freaks; Martyrs - Heart wrenching stories of men and women who were willing to give up their lives rather than denounce their Lord Jesus.  This book was soooooooo encouraging.  If God calls us to the missions field I'm ready to go now.  I don't know that I was before this book but now I will be ready if and when He calls.

I've started:
D.C. Talk & Voice of the Martyrs - Jesus Freaks II; Revolutionaries - Great book that also kinda follows along with the first one although these stories aren't necessarily about those who died for their faith but they do live for Christ and know that their lives may be at stake.
Left Behind - Lehaye & Jenkins - A fictional account of what will happen when Christ comes back to rapture His church and what will happen to those that are "left behind."   Great stuff there.  I wouldn't be surprised if Christ comes back in the next five years.  And boy will I be excited to go home with Him.  We're just strangers in this land anyway.

I'm hoping to finish the two books that I started this week and get started reading some other books too.  We have so many great books, I just need to find the time to read them.  That means spending more time reading books and less time reading online.

Although, I have been having quiet times in the mornings as well where I listen to the Scriptures on  Max McLean has an awesome dramatic reading of the Scriptures and I'm happy it's him that's saying all the hard to pronounce names and not me.  It's been awesome though because I normally read the New International Version of the Bible (more readable in my opinion), but I've been listening to the King James Version.  I've found that listening to the KJV is easier for me than reading it.  I'm getting so much more out of it by listening.  It's proving true what Romans 10:17 says
"So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God." (KJV) (emphasis added)

I hope you all are having a fantastic Sunday, as for me I'm off to read some more :) 

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  1. Yay for reading! It's wonderful - especially when it's Godly. :-)


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