Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hmmmmmm, better than store bought

While I waited for the bread to finish baking, I had some hot cocoa that I got from Sarah and Trent for Christmas.  Delicious!  And I have a cool mug! :) 

Aaron has been asking me to make some homemade bread this week and tonight was really the first night I've had the time to do so.  OH MY GOODNESS . . . deliciousness.  It's 100% whole wheat bread with a bit of honey and molasses for flavoring.  The recipe was so simple.  Here are a few not very high quality photos.  I took them a bit quickly because I was too excited to eat the bread. O:)

Before baking

After baking . . .the one on the right didn't actually come out of the pan correctly, but it still tastes yummy :) 
Aaron and I each had a slice. . . sorry for the terrible quality.

Good night everyone :) 


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