Sunday, February 6, 2011

Did I ever mention

how much I love these kids???

The three in the picture above are always at youth group.  It's such an encouragement to have such faithful attendance!

The two girls in this photo come everyone once in a while, but they brought two friends this time.  :) 

Youth group didn't go as planned as a result, but God always makes good of our situations.  We ended up with 5 more people than we normally have (the four above and Brandon showed up).  We ordered some pizzas, played a fun game of Telephone Pictionary, and had a different Bible study than we had originally anticipated.  Although things turned out differently they turned out well. 

The three that were normally there, didn't participate as much but they were still engaged in the study, which was good.  Katie even answered a few questions. 

It was a good night.  Next Friday we're taking the kids sled riding, which should be fun :) 


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