Thursday, February 10, 2011

Back in December

Aaron and I, along with our good friends Carol and Carolyn Schuler, took these three youth group kids to the Toby Mac/Skillet Concert in Pittsburgh.

We made pasta salad that they could eat in the car for dinner. We also had snacks for on the way back.
Robin, James and Aaron

Skillet's Drummer
Yup, He was that close to us
Love TobyMac. . . I totally got a high five from him.  (Thanks Carol and Carolyn :))

Skillet wasn't really my style of music, too loud, screaming, almost hard rock. . . the kids really liked them though.  Toby Mac was much more my style because I could actually worship the Lord.  I LOVED IT!!! They even performed some DC Talk songs :) :) :).  (DC Talk was a group Toby was in that broke up a few years ago).  On the way back most of the kids fell asleep.  We had an overnighter at the church, we ate a few snacks started a movie and the kids fell asleep.  Sky and Andrew helped us out and we played a game with them and then also went to bed.  The next morning we had eggs, sausage and toast for breakfast.  :) 

That's it for Toby concert, stay tuned for more back posting in the future.

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