Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Making the Switch

Last week sometime, I read an amazing post by Alissa of Rags to Stitches Boutique called Why I Choose Storenvy. I'm SO Glad I read this post. 

I know I don't have a huge customer base for my shop at all really.  I'm ok with that for now.  I'll probably have to slow down a bit anyway.  However, I was getting a little frustrated with just all the tiny costs that add up with Etsy.  They're all really little costs, but for us at this time, they add up.  Then I read this post and was like WOAH! 

(Right now they have special categories to help you shop for Christmas items on the front page.  This particular one is one of Alissa's products.)

Basically there are no fees on Storenvy for listing items, no fees when you sell an item, you only have to pay the PayPal fee, which I would have to do anyway. 

So I decided to make the switch to Storenvy for Toaster's  Transformations.  I'm still in the process of transferring all of my items over, so they will still be available on Etsy until probably after Christmas.  

One of my favorite things those is that you get to customize your storefront.  So fun, even though I know very little about design. 
This is my new banner for the shop.  You read that right, you can take 20% off until December 15th. (The last day I will be shipping before Christmas.) 

So what do you think? Like the new shop?


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  1. Yay for you! Hope your customer base grows and grows! Loff!


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