Monday, December 12, 2011

Be Our Guest Part 2

Calling all readers, calling all readers, it's your chance to SHINE!

As I mentioned yesterday in my post, I'm hoping to be blogging through my due date, however, I would love to have some guest posts lined up for that time after the baby comes, when I will TRY to do a few posts but would much rather have you meet each other (as in other readers) than have you hear the ramblings of a zombie mom new mom. 
We'll be looking like this only 1 bajillion 10x worse. 

Now the question remains, what would you post about?

Good Question! 

There are a few ideas I have in mind, but am very open to suggestions. 

I would love posts on:

DIY projects
Mommy Tips
How you deal with the "Winter Blahs"
Photography tips
Make-up/Hair Tips
Winter Recipes

Would you be willing to partner with me?  I would hope to have the posts by January 10th.  I would just love to keep the blog up even while we adjust to a family of three. 

If you are interested in guest posting please email me at mrsawood08 at gmail dot com. 

Thanks everyone!!!


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