Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Aaron's Birthday

For Aaron's birthday, I took him on July 10th (a day before his birthday) to the gorge to go on a hike/swim.  We enjoyed much of our walk, I slammed a rock on my toe at one point so I wasn't quite as adventurous after that as my husband.  I had also made Aaron pulled pork for his birthday (with most of the left over BBQ sauce from the 3rd of July BBQ).   It took forever to pull the pork but it was worth it for my wonderful husband.  We also made a lemon cheesecake together for his birthday.  It was uber delicious.

Here are some pictures we took from the gorge.

The tunnel we walked through to get into the gorge, because I was too chicken to go down the other side. 

Other side of tunnel

Me, Aaron took a picture of me coming down the slippery part i the picture above. 

Just a pretty picture of the shale.

And then we went walking around the Penn State Behrend campus taking pictures because he really wanted to do so.  Which was fine with me :) 
Outside the building where we spent a lot of time as he was in the labs studying.

Just a pretty little place on campus

my husband the explorer

Kudos to my husband for taking this one

Yup and me again . . . oh well =P

Hope my husband had a happy birthday that day :)


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